What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

Hi everyone! My name is Kathy, and my baby girl's name is Zoe.

My husband and I picked Zoe out from her litter mates when she was 4 weeks old. We brought her home when she was 8 weeks old and have raised her ever since. Zoe is a Vizsla (Hungarian Pointer). She is a very active girl, and loves to hunt with her daddy. Her favorite thing to do is chase after her tennis ball (for hours...if she could!). She has a vibrant personality! She is also a couch potato, has her favorite chair, and INSISTS on sleeping in between us every night. Vizslas are known as "velcro dogs", and she definately fits the description. She is our baby girl:-)
Her favorites:
Tennis Balls
Mommy's pillow
Tummy scratches
Bird hunting
Sleeping in the sun
Her dislikes:
The vet's office
Being left alone
Being on a leash
and now...shots

About a month ago Zoe started having accidents in the basement in the middle of the night, was throwing up and seemed pretty down. We brought her in to the vet and they diagnosed her with a UTI. We went in for her follow-up and got the news - she is diabetic. We quickly learned how to administer her insulin, and take care of this disease. Since her diagnosis and start of her treatment we have noticed she has pepped up a bit more than she has been lately and she is no longer having accidents...that we know of anyway. She seems to be back to her old self - a crazy, goofy girl!
I'm glad you guys are here and that I have a place to go to for advice and support!

How old is your furbaby and what kind?
Zoe is a Vizsla, and she is going to be seven in July.
When was your pet was diagnosed ?
March 18, 2008
What is your pet's weight?
45 pounds (down from 48)
Name of the insulin being used?
What is the insulin dosage now?
After yesterday's glucose curve test, she's at 14 units BID
What time(s) of day do you give the insulin?
6:30 am and 6:30 pm
Do you home-cook or use a commercial pet food?
Commercial, we're currently using Purina Vet GCO
Do you urine test?
We are going to start
Do you blood test?
Does your pet have any other health issues (medication for anything else)?
She also had a UTI a couple weeks ago...
We have members all over the world - where are you from?
Stacy, Minnesota - about 30 miles north of the Twin Cities
Finally, could you tell us how you found us?
I posted on V-Talk, and one of your members recommended your site...thanks 

If you would like your diabetic pet's story on the website send pictures and information to Judy Dick -Email queenie@mnsi.net


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