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Rainbow Bridge October 18, 2004

Wiggly is a miniature poodle whose birthday is May 26, 1990. I got him while working
at a pet store (a bad, terrible, puppy mill pet store, but I didn't know that at the time).
There was something wrong with his knees, which proved to be congenital luxated
patellas. He had to have both knees completely rebuilt surgically. The pet store 
couldn't sell him because there was something wrong with him. Luckily I happened 
to work there. Against my lease, I took him home one weekend. I was very 
fortunate because Monday there was a call from the corporate office to send him 
back; they were going to put him to sleep! But, since I already had him, and he was
already in surgery for his first knee, they didn't make me return him. He's the 
BEST dog in the world!! He's a wonderful companion and terrific pal!!

He was diagnosed with diabetes on June 29, 2000. I thought he had a bladder 
infection and took him to the emergency vet. He did have a bladder infection, but
he was also found to be diabetic. He was put on Humilin L and pretty close to 
regulated on it; after a while his numbers weren't as good as I wanted and he had
some weird highs and lows. I spoke with our regular vet, who uses Humilin N to 
begin with all the time, and we switched him to Humilin N in the summer of 2002.
He's now regulated on 6 1/2 units of Humilin N twice a day. He tends to run 
between 150-200, a little higher than some dogs, but if we up his dosage 
even a little, it is too much for him and he bottoms out. Our vet is happy with
those numbers, so I am, too. Wiggly eats a mix of canned w/d and dry w/d
that has been moistened and microwaved.

Wiggly had age-related cataracts when he was diagnosed with diabetes. 
His cataracts have gotten worse, but he has also developed some other 
eye problems. Most significantly, he has PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), 
which is a deginerative problem and has caused him to become blind. He gets 
along GREAT though and at home you hardly would notice he's blind at all. He also
has dry eyes as well as a luxated lens, blood in the posterior chamber, and possibly
a detached retina in his right eye. The eye vet says that Wiggly is blind and 
comfortable, so to keep giving him the regimine of drops and ointments and
hopefully everything will stay the way it is.

He lives happily with two yorkie "brothers" (Pudgy & Kookie Doodle),
a poodle "brother" (Slimey), a big mixed-briard "brother" (Hopple), and a cat "sister"
(Wendell). He also has a Doggie Daddy named Guy who is wonderful and gives 
Wiggly his shots whenever I can't.

I'm very lucky to have Wiggly and I love him with all my heart

Wiggly's Photo Album

Kookie Doodle





Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 
MOM, I have arrived!

Ginger's here. What I thought might take years or at least months to
accomplish--getting her love and devotion and trust--has happened very quickly
and immediately. She growled at me just for a second when Catherine pulled up 
and they were sitting in her truck. But then she let me in and she's liked me since. 
She has growled a little at the dogs, just setting boundaries, but even that 
seems to have stopped. She is absolutely adorable!!! If I had gone to eighteen 
shelters looking for the PERFECT dog, I wouldn't have stopped until I found 
her! She IS the perfect dog for me! It's funny because Catherine told me 
she was a terrier mix, but she's really a poodle mix, with maybe a hint of
terrier in her. The hair on her face is cut like a terrier, but I think if it was cut 
like a poodle, she'd just look completely like a poodle who never got her tail 
docked. She looks a LOT like Wiggly! She has been a doll baby and I am
so lucky to have had all day to be with her. I got her a collar and tag
(they have a machine to make them at Feeder's Supply) and a leash. 
She won't walk on a leash yet, even with a harness on,
and she doesn't know how to go down stairs, but she'll learn. 


UPDATE Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2002 
He's on 6 1/2 units of N now rather than the L. He was on L for over two years, 
and at some point in there it quit working. He eats w/d dry (wetted and warmed)
and w/d canned mixed.

He has fur-"brothers" Hopple (Briard mix, 88 pounds), Kookie Doodle
and Pudgy (yorkies) and Slimey (also a poodle).
He also has a fur-"sister" Wendell, who is a cat. 

Wiggly also has arthritis and is on Rimadyl & Glucosamine/Chondrotin for it.
He's also blind.
He has cataracts (pre-diabetes), PRA, a luxated lens, and dry eye
. He's on Indomethacin, 
Atropine (in one eye), Optimmune, and Artificial Tears.
He also has some bronchial problems
and is on Theophylline for them. 
Lately he has been having some trouble digesting his food 
and is on Reglan and Pepcid AC for it.

Update Saturday, June28, 2003
Tomorrow (Sunday) will be Wiggly's three year Sugarversary!!!
I never thought we'd make it this far, and (knock on wood) it's been a 
(knocking very hard!)  pretty easy road we've gone on. Much easier than
I expected when the  emergency vet said "Diabetes." Wiggly's blind now, 
but from PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) rather than from diabetic cataracts, 
though he does have cataracts, too (although the eye vet doesn't feel
they are diabetic ones). 

Wiggly's the same bouncy, loving poodle that he was three years ago. He also 
has about the same energy level, except that of a thirteen year old dog rather 
than a ten year old dog. And he's the same lap dog he ever was.

I couldn't have come this far without this list and the people on it! 
I'm blessed to have found Judy and the rest before Wiggly even came
home from the vet after diagnosis. Thank you all so much for your help!

I'm so excited that he's having another sugarversary
and can't wait for another and another and another!

Elizabeth & Wiggly (dd) 

Update! Update! Update!
Dawn has provided an update from Elizabeth.
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 
Here is an excerp from Elizabth's e-mail and her new baby that Angel Hopple sent her!
I got a new dog and have been meaning to mail Judy and let her know and ask that she let everyone know. 
Here's a pic. 

His name is Graysie and he found me camping at the Red River Gorge in eastern Kentucky. He found me in the Gray's Arch parking lot, hence the name Graysie. He's really sweet, but he tries to chase Ginger. She sneaks around like a cat (in spite of being a poodle mix), so he thinks he should chase her. The real live cat walks around like she's a dog, so he just watches her walk by! We start Obedience classes next Thursday.

She has been thinking about everyone. but has been just way too busy to keep up with the list..

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