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Monday, September 8, 2008

Sweet Pea came to me 2 months ago as a rescue.  The rescue rep who took her in is a friend of mine, and contacted me the day she was surrendered.  Knowing I had a huge soft spot for the seniors.  That next weekend I was on a flight to Vegas (from Wisconsin) to pick her up.
My friend was told Sweet Pea was diagnosed about four months before.  Within those four months, Pea had lost a lot of weight and had also lost most of her vision to cataracts.  She was in bad shape, and I was terrified.  I knew nothing about caring for a pet with diabetes!  I'm the determined type, though.  And straight away started my search for anything I could find.  I'm a member of other Yahoo groups, and figured there'd have to be one for diabetic pets.  That's how I found diabetespet.
I sure am glad I did.  Pea was started on 2IU Vetsulin BID, so that's what we continued with.  After a month of not seeing much in results, I found a vet who was willing to switch her to NPH insulin.  She's now on 1IU Novolin N BID.  Since the switch, Pea's been doing so well.  Her BG levels aren't bouncing around with no rhyme or reason like they were before.  She's slowly putting on weight.  She's much more alert and active.  She's also that much more sassy and demanding.  She certainly has no problems letting me know when I'm not preparing her food fast enough...
I hope Sweet Pea has many more years with me.  At 8yrs, while considered a senior, she's still fairly young for an IG.  Many living into their mid to upper teens.  I'm slowly getting used to having to wake up at 7am on weekends.  (And believe me, being 25, it REALLY sucks!)  But seeing her wagging tail and hangy tongue makes it all worth it.


"The Italian Greyhound's devotion...It's something you just can't get from any other creature."
-Carol Harris, Dog Fancy Magazine (May 2006)

What is your name and your pet's name?  Stacey and Sweet Pea
How old is your furbaby and what kind?  9 year old Italian Greyhound
When your pet was diagnosed ?  Unknown, she's a rescue
What is your pet's weight?  7.7lbs, severely underweight
Name of the insulin being used?  Vetsulin
What is the insulin dosage now?  2units. 2x/day
What time(s) of day do you give the insulin?  7:30am, 6:30pm
Do you home-cook or use a commercial pet food?  Commercial canned

Do you urine test?  Yes
Do you blood test?  No
Does your pet have any other health issues (medication for anything else)?  No
Webpage? http://www.caninediabetes.org/whoissweetpea.html

We have members all over the world - where are you from?  Milwaukee, WI
Finally, could you tell us how you found us?  I'm a member of a few raw feeding Yahoo groups.  Recently rescued Pea, and figured there would be a diabetic pet group as well.  I was right!  ;) 
If you would like to participate in the Who am I? emails then contact one of the moderators listed at the bottom of this email
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Monday Morning or every other Monday Morning depending on participation.
Michael will take the email and turn it into a pdf file and upload it to the website and I will turn it into an html file for the following page.

Judy Dick
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Email: curaduk@aapt.net.au

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