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Monday, September 22, 2008

Diabetic Pet's Name:         Sam 

Breed:       Miniature Schnauzer 

Birth:         January 19, 1999 

When Diagnosed:        April 2005   (we adopted him in May 2005 when his owner felt that she could not adequately deal with his diabetes) 

Age Diagnosed:     6.5 years old 

Weight:      19 lbs. 

Kind of Insulin and Amount Per Injection:    NPH insulin, approx. 9 units per injection 

Kind of Food Fed and Amount:    Solid Gold Holistique Blendz dry food (1 cup AM and PM); occasionally a tbsp. of canned (all organic meat such as chicken or turkey, no grains) 

Do you hometest?(blood, urine and/or observation)    I spot-test his blood sugar with a meter (for humans).  I test on his dry upper lips -- at least once a day, but sometimes more. 

Other Health Problems?    He has cataracts in both eyes, the left eye is more clouded than the right eye.  Neither the cataracts or diabetes slow this boy down, though!  He is going going going all the time and even though he's now approaching 10 years of age, he's the only one that can keep up with our adopted 3.5 year old dog!  

((((One of the pictures I attached is of the two dogs -- Sam & Dotty -- thoroughly exhausted from playing with each other ... they were both so tired that they didn't care if they fell asleep on top of each other)))) 

Webpage of Pet:  http://www.dogster.com/dogs/174826 and http://www.caninediabetes.org/whoissam.html

Your Location:   Port Orchard, WA    U.S.A. 

How did the diagnosis of diabetes in your pet change your life?   While I have taken care of dogs with heart failure, Cushing's disease and Copper Toxicosis before, Sam is my first dog with diabetes.  I didn't have the experience of knowing him prior to his diagnosis -- I took him into our family just one month after he was diagnosed.  It made me even more of an advocate for special-needs or older pets and to let people know that they ALL deserve chances in life.  He has such a spunky, funny personality and there is so much life left in him, that I can barely stand the thought that he could have been euthanized if a home wasn't found for him.  Though I don't necessarily enjoy waking up early on my days off or the weekends, I know that I can go back to sleep after I take care of Sam!  His life and health rely on my care, and I will never him down.


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