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Monday, July 21, 2008

My name is Judy Dick and I have been married for 37 years to Terry. 

My dog Queenie was diagnosed with diabetes on April 23rd of 1995 and back then there wasn't websites or help available and I felt very alone, terrified that my dog was going to die.  I was lucky in the sense that my Mom was a diabetic.  
I remember the day of diagnosis as if it was yesterday.  
It was the most devastating news and I thought why my Queenie.  
How will  I ever give her needles in order to keep her. 
I remember putting a  mattress on my living room floor and literally sleeping there with  my pet because she was too weak to climb on the bed or couch. 
I remember thinking what is this going to cost because I had no idea what insulin, syringes and anything else I needed would cost. 
Of course this happened on Saturday, always on a weekend. The vet gave her a shot of insulin and said I'll meet you here tomorrow at noon to give her another shot.  He did the same thing on Monday and then said go to the pharmacy, buy a bottle of nph insulin, needles and diastix to check the urine.  Give her a shot once a day and call me tomorrow with the results of the urine  test. I think he thought I would give up within a week.  Little did he know of my dedication and determination to save this little furball child of mine. 
I have to tell you the first two months in my house were crazy.   Everything revolved around needles, etc. Until one day my husband  said to me is that all you are going to do is sit around and cry waiting for her to die and I realized I had to take control and  I did and have not looked back.
The best thing that ever happened to me in all of this is that  in 1997 my son brought his computer home from university and I found the internet and a website on canine diabetes that was owned by Kris and she had a diabetic dog named Sissy and she introduced me to some other people with diabetic pets and I was no longer alone and I wanted to make sure that information was available to people with diabetic pets so that they would not find theirselves lost and frightened like I was on that first day. 
I now own the website that Kris started back in 1997
and I also started another website at that time to share other owner's stories and pictures of their pets
Margo, Jenny, Lee and a few others started this group so that we could share our experiences and help each other and help new members just starting out on this bumpy road known as living with a diabetic pet on a daily basis.
Over the years I put up pages of information that was gathered from the group on the above two websites and they have grown into extensive website of educational information.  A couple of weeks ago Donna who started www.petdiabetes.org put her backed up copy of her website on ours.
Bonnie and myself have put together a page of easy urls combining some of the pages from these three websites of information on one  easy url page and Karen proofed the page.
The front page of www.petdiabetes.com has now been replaced with the easy reference page.
What is a pet diabetes email group?
1. The most dedicated group of pet owners I have ever encountered. 
2. An internet family that is always there to listen and give support. 
3. So many people's vets and so much advice.
4. You have a problem and someone has been there and done that. 
5. Everyone tries to find an answer for any question you ask. 
In the years that I have been on this email list there has been ups and downs.  Losses of so many of our beloved pets.  Heated  debates from  which we have to remember this is how we learn by discussing and disagreeing and not becoming offended because we don't like what someone says or how they say it and most of all we don't leave the group. 
We learn through other owner's experiences, searching the internet, our websites and  the information our email group shares on a daily basis.
I have made a lot of wonderful friends that I would not know if I passed them on the street but I can tell you their pet's name  and problems they have encountered with their diabetic pet and what they did to help their pet to overcome these health issues   and I have met some of these wonderful people in person...like Margo, Danna, Adeline, Barb Warf and more who are no longer members.
I have found that some people join for a short time to gather information and that some become like a family and will always be a part of the group.

I am now owned by a cat. My KitKat! Instead of bringing home a teeshirt as a souvenir from Florida we brought home a stray cat (to Canada).  It is hard to believe we have survived four and a half years with a cat.  From sliding down a roof that was freshly tarred, to pulling a snake out of a hole with her claws which of course immediately bit her requiring emergency veterinarian care. (the vet thought it was a rattlesnake as did we) so the dead snake had to be transferred immediately to a vet that dealt with snakes for identification.  Then there was climbing inside the box springs of a bed in a rented cabin and noone could find her.  OH and the time my mom's colostomy bag full of stinky poo fell off of her hit the floor and bounced all over the side of the cat.  From eating out of the butter bowl to a dinner party and finding her in the middle of the table licking the dampness off of the bowl full of shrimp.  YOU never know what she is going to do next.  She wakes up in the morning full of life and  eyes gleaming at what to do next.  She made my husband (who was a dog person) into a man that adores the ground she walks on.  I think he has a shelf under every window in our house just for her to look out of.  Besides making our walkways into screen inned areas for her to explore. The funny thing is I thought when I got her...no more having to go outside for a walk.  Well she loves walking on a leash and just comes screaming when she sees the collar and leash in your hand.....

I also have two feral cats named Orangie(someone cut his ear off) 

and Tommy Boy. 

Both of these cats now will allow me to pet them, not pick them up but pet them and this has taken four years for tommy boy and over a year for Orangie to allow.  
We brought in straw for them for the winter and also purchased a heated bed for Orangie.  Orangie hangs out all the time here and Tommy Boy only shows up to eat and then goes where ever he goes.
I also have an aquarium full of tropical fish and a pond with goldfish and turtles.

Diabetic Pet's Name: Queenie

Breed: Miniature American Eskimo

Birth: January of 1991

When Diagnosed: April of 1995

Age Diagnosed:  She had just turned four

Weight: 27 pounds

Kind of Insulin and Amount Per Injection: She started off on a discontinued insulin isophane nph which was a beef/pork mixture, then she went to nph, then to caninsulin and then ended up on novolin ge 70/30 and she received 10 units in the morning and 9 units in the evening

Food: She was homefed and a food hog

Do you hometest?(blood, urine and/or observation) I did urine and observation

Other Health Problems? She had asthma, air blown allergies(like ragweed) and congestive heart failure which finally took her life

Webpage of Pet: She went to the Bridge on March 3rd, 2003 after eight years of diabetes.
Her Rainbow Bridge Memorial Page: http://www.caninediabetes.org/pawsforreflection.html

Your Location: Leamington, Ontario, Canada

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