What could be sweeter then a pet with diabetes!
..Monday, April 21, 2008
Who am I?
A weekly feature in the pet diabetes email support group.

This is me with Buffy.
I live in a provincial city called Mount Gambier on the bottom tip of South Australia near the Victorian border. I have three daughters and four grandsons. My interests are writing and art and I have now published two books at Lulu.com and have another in the publishing process. I also do tee shirt art and posters.  My artwork is now mostly digital and photographic. 

Here are the girls - Melissa, Rebecca and Linda
I have been breeding and showing Australian Terriers since 1979 and Buffy is the first diabetic I have ever had.  Nearly four years ago Buffy became very sick with pancreatitis and nearly died - this is when she became diabetic.  She was on vetsulin at first with disastrous results and is now on NPH three times a day.  She seems to be very insulin sensitive and it is a balancing act between food and insulin but we do alright. I don't breed or show any more - my last stud dog was my champion Aussie Terrier Teekay Drinking Mate otherwise known as Boodley.  He passed to the rainbow bridge March 2007 at aged 17 years and four months.  We just have girls now. In addition to Buffy we have Rocky and Wendy (10 years old in May -[litter sisters] Wendy is Buffy's mum. Kate and Folly both almost 17years old. They are all retired now. We also have two cats Stimpy (a manx) and Winsome Winnie (a fluffy tortie)
Diabetic Pet's Name: Buffy (Curaduk Vampyr Slayer)

Breed: Australian Terrier

Birth: August 24th 2000

When Diagnosed: June 10th 2004

Age Diagnosed: Nearly four years old

Weight: 6kg [around 13 pounds]

Kind of Insulin and Amount Per Injection: 2.5 units NPH tds

Food: Home cooked - lean beef, mixed vegetables, pearl barley, broccoli.  Buffy has 2/3 cup of the mix three times a day with her injections.
Webpage: http://www.caninediabetes.org/jo.html

Buffy is always a happy-go-lucky laid back little girl.

Here she is smiling.

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Jo did her own who is email and did a terrific job. 

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