Pet Diabetes Presents Picture Tutorials!
This page is obtaining blood from the carpal pad to test!
Featuring Ann's Tugger
Thank you Ann for taking time to take these pictures to help others who are trying to do a blood test on a carpal pad
in order to check the blood glucose of their pet with diabetes mellitus.
A picture is worth a thousand words and Tugger you are such a good boy for posing for these pictures.

Above Ann's Index finger you can see Tugger's Carpal Pad.
Here is a closeup.

Pull the carpal pad to the side with the index finger.
Here is a closeup

Insert lancet straight into the side of the pad.
Here is a closeup

Waiting for the blood drop.
Here is a closeup.

Put the test strip up to the blood drop. The test pad  has already been inserted into the glucometer
and it will draw the blood in and in a short time you will have the blood glucose number.

Ann wipes off the excess blood from Tugger's Carpal Pad.

Thank you Tugger for being such a good boy and posing for the above pictures!!!!

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Page added on August 21, 2006

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