It was a nice spring day in May 1999 and I was on my way into PetSmart with my other Pomeranian, 
Kraemer.  We walk right up to the door to go in and this chubby Pomeranian comes running out from
under the table with a "Pick me! Pick me!" attitude that I really, truly tried to ignore!   After all, I was
there to get dog food - not a dog!!!  I look down at this darling, inquisitive head that is tilted to the side
with a huge grin (it seemed) asking me, "When can I go home with you?"   It was a SPCA Pet Adoption 
event going on that I was completely unaware of.  Within 10-15 minutes of my arrival to PetSmart to 
obtain dog food for Kraemer, I was the proud owner of an 8-year old Pomeranian named Tucker!!

We first noticed seizures in Tucker in early Spring 2000.  He only had one, however.  His first big 
seizure came right after Kraemer passed.  We took him to the vet and was told he had some
enzyme imbalance and was put on Phenobarbital.  

We noticed later this summer that Tucker began to drink and urinate excessively.  We thought it was
because of the hot Sacramento weather and were just providing him with more water to drink.   This 
continued for quite a time until we started noticing he was urinating on himself.  I came home from work 
a few times to find him soaking wet with his own urine with total embarrassment - he just didn't know
what was happening.  We took him to the vet and his blood glucose level was 587.    Tucker was 
diagnosed a diabetic on October 23, 2002 - one day before his 12th birthday.  This prompted an 
overnight stay for him.  He was initially started out with 3 units of L only once a day.  We were not 
satisfied with what the vet told us and began research on the internet.  That is how I found this wonderful
Rainbow website!  It has been a blessing for me as I have learned so much and met (via email) the most
caring, loving, and wonderful owners of pets who feel the same as I do for my lovely "furbaby" - - as I
have learned to call him.  Tucker is now on 4 units twice a day and his last bg was 80.   We will continue
to take him to the vet once a week for his testing.  We have not tried home testing at this time.    
Tucker is 15.1 pounds and has to lose another 3 - 5 pounds.

Tucker has learned to love carrots and pumpkin!!!  He no longer gets those Beggin' Strips that we 
thought were great treats for him.   We will continue to learn from the owners who graciously 
share their wealth of information on diabetes.   We appreciate you!

Dana, Lesa & Tucker  (& Brother Kosmo) Warmenhoven

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