The First Annual Texas Barbeque

Date Held: September 20, 2003 (Saturday)
 Where:  Allen, Texas 75002
        Phone: 1-800-ARMADILLA
Everything is Bigger in Texas

Armadillo cake
“Nothing like some good fresh road kill”

Missy (Duchess) 

Missy, Micky, Martha (Vidal)
David(Micki’s hubby), 
“So what are you looking at?  these are all mine”

Martha, Missy (Dexter after giant chicken)
Woof Woof, I want that giant Chicken 
(Save some for us Dexter!)

Karen (stainglass)

Missy (stainglass)

Missy, Karen (stainglass) 

Loki   “Mommy, time to take my curlers out”

Micki, Karen (Kandee and Loki)
“Dexter’s mine!
Draw little lady, we’ll see who gets Dexter ”
“Oh NO!!!! Looks likes a Gunfight at High Noon”

Dexter: “I’ve been shot, I loved both of you ”
“Loki says: "That’s what you get, you two timer! ”

Dave, Martha (Missy)

Martha (Duchess)

Missy (Dexter) ”Belly up the the bar, boy!”

Missy (Duchess) “Puppy kisses are the best”

Micki, Karen, Martha, Missy


Dexter “I’m so handsome,
where’s that cute Senorita”

(Missy and Vidal)
“I’m ready for the party, sniff butt time!!”

Karen (Loki), Martha (Missy)


Micki, Karen 
“Are you saying, Dolly Parton’s are bigger? 
Excuse me, but everything is bigger in Texas

Vidal (in fireman’s hat)
“Just in case Kim shows up with those matches”

“I’ll never tell what we did last night”

Karen (Loki), Dave(Martha’s hubby) (Missy) 

Karen(Loki), Martha (Missy)

Karen, Missy, Martha “What did we do last night?”

Missy “We trained her well, she’s a fast learner”

“Oh No! an axe?  In Texas”


 The Original Texas Invitation!

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