OH NO --- Kim have you been playing with matches.
They will check airline records to see if you flew in before their event!
A gathering of diabetic owners of the Rainbow List!!
Pictures will be taken and put up after this southern style event!
The Invitation
Date: September 20, 2003 (Saturday)
 Where:  Allen, Texas 75002
               (972) ***-****
Time: Up in the air as of now (afternoon to late night)
         Pending on timing shots and feeding of everyone's babies.
         For the one's out of town, when they can be here.

Doggie Menu
 -Homemade liver treats
 -Hot Dogs
 -Any leftover Chicken that we don't eat

Human Menu
  - Barbecue Chicken
  - Baked beans
  - Scalloped potatoes
  - Tossed green salad
Missy has offered to bring some ice cream and anything else she feels like
making. I'm not a dessert person, so all you sweet people bring something
sweet to eat.

Appetizers: I haven't decide, as of now I not sure what to make.

Sodas, bottle water, beer and wine.

Only Rules of the house: Doggie's come first, hubby second and anything
else comes third. (Okay I've been married along time, and don't give me any
crap about this rule  PS: I really love me hubby, he is a sweet man)

I'm having this party at my house. I have a fenced in back yard. I live
across from a park, so anyone that needs to take their baby for a walk they
can. I also have 2 ex-pens, and gates and if anyone dog gets stressed out
about eating around all the strangers, we can separate them and let them
have their peace, so everyone will be happy. I'm also close to an emergency
vet (after hours) that is about 10 minutes from my home.

Accommodations: I have one guest bedroom, that is already spoken for:
Shelly, Gene and Peaches. I have another bedroom  (computer room), that I
have a queen-size air mattress, that is very comfortable. We also have a RV
that can sleep a family. And Missy and Dex, who live about 30 minutes from
me, has a guest bedroom if someone needs it.
PS: For some of old timers. I don't have a doghouse or a treehouse. But I
do have a shed or a tent.

So far the Texas crew is:
Shelly, Gene and Peaches (Poodle)  Abiline- You will be able to make it
Peaches...Yes I am a Texas Male do not let my name fool you.

Missy and Dexter (dachshund) - Lewisville- You will be able to make it
Dexter tells Mom to have the camera ready for those Texan Gurls!

Karen and Loki (Lhaso or Shih Tzu)  -Houston- You will be able to make it
Loki asks her Mom if she can have pretty new bows for her hair.

Kathy and  Tigger (min-pin) -south Fort Worth  She is not sure if she will
be able to make it yet.
no picture yet

Debbie and Ivory,  Krum, Texas, who will not be able to make it, she is
showing her lovely dogs at the dog show.
Mom I am going to win a beautiful ribbon at the show.

Melinda and Chloe from North Caroline, who are here on hubby business
trip, who hope they can stop by and meet some of us nice folks from Texas
no picture yet

That's all folks.

Unless anyone else anyone else who wants join us.. you are more than
welcome. Airline tickets may be cheap now.

Hugs and love to everyone...
Missy and Vidal
Zeke(dd 10/98-12/02)Kcin(Nick spelled backwards) Nick, Casper &
Abby(Rainbow Bridge)
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