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Date November 1, 2007
TeddyBear came into my life Wed. Oct 17th,2007. After GingerBear crossed over Sept. 13, 2007.  My life was so very empty in spite of the fact that I have 4 cats...Angel,Precious,Jasmin & Banjo. I have never not had a Canine "Pest" in the house.My husband Dave & my son Bob that lives in Alaska thought that I needed someone ... one of my husbands friends had just been to Ken Star Kennels and told about the Dachshund puppies they had and since my birthday was Oct. 14th they thought that was good timing to add to the family....

So Dave showed up with TeddyBear the evening of Oct. 17th.... he just seemed to be such a part of us right off....he just gives so much love.... he was never on a leash before he arrived and he had no problem with that or his collar.... of course he had to wear one of Gingers' baby collars til I took him to Super Petz the next day to get his own personal things...he got his collar,leash,bed,toys,of course cheweys and his food and treats....he has been doing real will with his potty training too...he is definately a little guy that loves to be close...he is a couch potatoe too...early morning especially.... he loves to go for his walks to Gingers' hill too.... I certainly feel she had a hand in picking this guy to fill the empitness in my heart.... I never thought I would ever feel this good again but TeddyBear is a good sweet little guy and he has earned his spot there already.... he loves to ride in my truck and he just waits so sweet on my seat ...waiting for me....

Friday I received a check from my son and on the memo it said "My Half Of Your Birthday Puppy "!!

Nanc & TeddyBear

.Here are some pictures of the "Newest Pest".I do hope you enjoy them....

Time for a Nap

I have first choice in the bed

Saturday, July 26, 2008 
It certainly has been a fun filled 9 months and 1 week with TeddyBear in the house....GingerBear knew exactly what she was doing having him show up for my birthday. Shadow would have been a very good name for him ...he is with me everywhere I go and has gone with me in the truck accept for 4 times now and he rides so nicely..... he has 3/4th of the front seat with his blankets and his one chewey...... I have one story that I have to smile everytime I think of it......I have never tried to train anyone.... ..I just let their own natural personality and whatever they become I have never had any complaints..... well I got a great book on dachshunds... I learned so much about them.... it also has some pet training tips .... so I thought it would be so cute if I could teach him to sit all the way up..... so I bought the little training dog treats and I worked with TeddyBear for 3 weeks...just a little a day...first I started with the basic sit ...then all the way up....he was a fast it was the next time  TeddyBear and I went to Petco I had two different people come up to me and they ask if he sits up !!! I had to laugh because they both said theirs who was the smart one here..... they told me theirs did and without treats......urrrr.... ! He  does that all the time.... he'll come over and sit the whole way up when I'm on the computer or I'll turn around and hes' right me just everywhere and I sit down with him and play or just pick him up and give him a hug..... he's another one of a kind......
I hope you  like the pictures of TeddyBear..... 

one is at Petco

and one of his party 

and one of him being the Pest he is.....

Love,Nanc & TeddyBear

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