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Teddy Jackson, a.k.a. Little Big Man Theodore, Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Birthday – July 6, 1996
Diagnosed with Diabetes – July, 2002
Owners – Ron and Susan Jackson, St. Louis, Missouri

We’ve had many dogs in our lives, but Teddy is the most special. 
We brought him home from the breeder at 11 weeks old. Corgis are such cute puppies! 
He was the only tri-color in a litter of red and white’s. 
He was also the largest and the quietest one. 
He did grow to be larger than the standard Corgi size and continues to be a calm, quiet dog. 
We’ve had to try to keep him from getting too pudgy, since he likes his food so much! 
Weight and diet have always been an issue with him.
In July of 2002, we noticed him drinking and urinating excessively. 
We had never heard of a dog having diabetes, and did not know the signs and symptoms. 
This went on for a few days, until we decided we had to take him to our veterinarian. 
Our vet checked his urine and diagnosed him with diabetes and saw ketones present. 
He had to be kept there two days to get his blood glucose levels down and also to treat for
ketones. With our vet’s help and care, we continued to get his insulin dosage adjusted 
over the next several weeks and got him under fairly good control. We still weren’t satisfied 
that we were doing all we could for him. After I found Queenie’s website, things changed 
for us and for Teddy. The folks on the Rainbow Pet Diabetes E-Mail List have been 
so helpful, and have greatly improved Teddy’s quality of life. With the advice and 
help of the people on the List and with the information on Queenie’s site
I started home blood testing and home cooking for Teddy. I’ve also received so much 
invaluable help and support as well as making many new friends. Thanks to all who have
helped us! I hope for good health and many quality years of life for all diabetic pets. 
Susan Jackson

Teddy's Diet
4 pounds boneless skinless chicken breast -- or beef stew mix, pot roast, etc.
4 cups water
1  cup pearl barley -- medium, or use Quaker Oats (not quick cook type)
2  teaspoons salt (optional and use less if salt is in another ingredient)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/4  cup each cornstarch and water, mixed in small bowl -- optional
16 ounces frozen mixed vegetables -- or broccoli, carrot, cauliflower type mixes
16 ounces frozen green beans
28 ounces canned tomatoes

Place water and barley in large, heavy Dutch oven. Add salt, oil and chicken. 
Simmer for about 40 minutes. Remove chicken breasts to cool.

Add cornstarch and water mixture to thicken, stirring minute or two,
and then add vegetables to Dutch oven; cook about 5 minutes--don't overcook.

Meanwhile cut up chicken. Remove pan from heat, add chicken and mix.

Measure finished product, or weigh, and package in freezer bags and freeze.

Notes: This is a diabetic dog recipe. For variety other ingredients can be added or substituted
like chopped celery, Italian seasonings, fresh tomatoes or sugar-free spaghetti sauce in place
of the canned tomatoes, fresh or frozen spinach, chopped cabbage (or coleslaw mix), squash, parsley. Thickening is optional. Other foods can be added when serving, such as 
scrambled eggs, canned Wysong all-meat dogfood, tuna, cottage cheese, etc.

Teddy’s supplements:    Wysong’s C-Biotic 
 Derm Caps (fish oil capsules)

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