What could be sweeter then a pet with diabetes!

Diabetic Pet's Name: Sylvia

Breed: Lab/shepard mix

Birth: 1997

When Diagnosed: 5/20/08

Age Diagnosed: 11

Weight: 65 lbs

Kind of Insulin and Amount Per Injection: Vetsulin, 2x a day at 12 units

Food: Right now anything she will eat.  Baby food, soft prescription dog food, Iams soft food

Do you hometest? For Ketones (have not bee able to find glucose strips yet)

Other Health Problems? Arthritis, Sinus infection

Your Location: Arvada, Colorado USA

How did the diagnosis of diabetes in your pet change your life? What part did it not change!  She is my one of my first furchildren and has a pretty unusual and special story of how we found each other, so I am a little hyper vigilant about her.  My husband and I are tackling this as a team and are learning together.  I had a talk with Sylvia last week and said if she wanted to go she could but if she wanted to fight she had to fight and help us out.  Well, with a little help from the vet she started eating again and looks much better, even wagging her tail, giving kisses and hugs.  I know she will not be with me forever but I was not quite ready to let her go last week!  The whole family (2 other dogs and my husband and I) are going to do our best to get over this with her.  Oh, and I am wanting all my friends with dogs to make sure they know the signs of diabetes.  We had no idea, our original vet NEVER discussed this with us as a possibility and Sylvia even had her blood work done in January (and she had some of the symptoms then)! So wanting to educate those around me! 

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