A Canine with Diabetes Mellitus
What Could Be Sweeter Than a Diabetic Pet?


We first met Sidney when she was a puppy. 
She spent most of  her time alone in a basement or tied up outside. 
We finally were able to persuade  her owner to let us have her.

When we were able to finally bring her home she was so happy to be here! 
We had 3 dogs when Sidney came here. Bambi was the oldest, a tiny little poodle, Nikki, our boxer and Rocky, a very large minpin. Rocky 
thought we had brought Sidney home for him. He loves her very 
much and is very protective of his girl. 

Bambi and Nikki have left us and Sidney is the only girl left now. She is the queen of our house and cheerfully bosses Rocky and Max  around.

In February of 2004 Sidney began having accidents in the house. 
I thought she must have a UTI and took her to the vet.
When he said her sugar was over 400 I was devastated. I thought it was a 
death sentence. But the vet quickly said no, no, not any more. He said he was 
treating other diabetic pets and that all she needed was two shots a day and the
right diet. I could have kissed him! Within a  month she was regulated and we 
have been so fortunate to have few serious problems with her health. 

She is so good about her shot. She will wake me in the morning before
the alarm even goes off and she watches me very carefully as I prepare 
her food and roll the insulin. She always pats me on the leg just as I am 
about done drawing it up as if she is saying hurry up! Then she runs to my 
husband and he holds her on the table while I inject. When we tell her 
what a good girl she is, you can see her eyes shine with pleasure.

She is such a sweet little girl. She loves to sleep under the covers with us. 
She is my shadow and although she loves to sunbathe she will run in the 
house every little bit to get hugs and pats. She loves to have her little face 
washed in the mornings and spreads her love equally on both of us. She 
is never alone now. When we go somewhere she and Rocky have the run 
of the house together while Max has to watch from his crate.  He is very 
aggravating as he is so much larger and is still very puppyish in his behavior. 
But Max defers to the queen of the house.

Everyone tells us how lucky Sidney is to have us, 
but we think we are the lucky ones. 

Sydney's Photo Album

Rocky and Sydney

Sydney is daydreaming about .... chasing a cat!!!!

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