Pets with Diabetes NEED Shots For Life!
Here is a list of email lists and websites
that you will find helpful in treating different 
diseases that your diabetic pet might 
develop in his/her lifetime!

Eye Problems
Often dogs with diabetes develop cataracts and literally become blind overnight!
Or if you have a canine that is experiencing any eye problems please feel free
to contact  Kerry Meydam
Kerry has a dog with diabetes named Sonny and had two other previous canines
with diabetes who have since gone to the rainbow bridge.
This woman has so much experience and runs the website
To join the Blind dog email list  send a blank message to: 

Back in 1997 when this website started there
was only four major websites about diabetes in pets and now there are 
thousands so please be careful where you get information from and remember
to always consult your veterinarian before changing any part of your pet's health care.
Here are the four websites that I recommend and that you can trust:
is the same website as

Email lists for Pet Diabetes
 Click Here for the lists that I recommend joining

  Pet Diabetes Email Lists

New email group for diabetic hamsters

If you have a feline with diabetes mellitus besides
the Rainbow Pet Diabetes Email Lists
There is one more website you need to check out
and it has the world famous 
 The Feline Diabetes Message Board

Cushings Disease
This list is run by Caroline Levin
 Cushings Disease Yahoo Email List

To Join any list on Yahoo you must sign up and become a member of Yahoo
There is no charge.
This list is for people wanting to learn more about canine Cushing's disease, 
cortisol and the relationship to autoimmune diseases such as diabetes mellitus, 
thyroid disease, skin allergies, and seizures, etc., as they are related problems.

This list is open to all, but discussions are often centered on the concepts and benefits
of feeding dogs more natural diets. Other examples of discussions include: medications,
treatments, interpreting medical test results, vaccines and immuno-compromised pets, 
recipe sharing and use of dietary supplements. Anatomy, physiology, scientific findings
and healthcare concepts may also be discussed. 

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List owner:

Another great email group for cushings 

Another email group for cushings disease

Kidney Disease
Renal Failure is often a complication in diabetic pets so if you find yourself
facing that situation here is a list that can help on yahoo.
 Canine Kidney Disease Email List

K9KIDNEYS is a list for owners of dogs who are currently suffering from one or more 
forms of kidney disorders. Emphasis of the discussions will revolve around the
current available veterinary therapies, and practical management techniques.

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Heart Disease

 Canine Heart Disease Email List

This list is for anyone living with a dog with heart disease, or simply interested in
learning more about the various conditions and treatment options available for
 these dogs. As well, I would hope we can offer one another support for the
sometimes difficult aspects of caring for a dog with heart disease. All approaches
are welcome; I would ask only that no one outlook dominate the list, to the
exclusion of others. This is a complex and challenging illness; we need to support
 and learn from, not argue with, one another. 

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Hamsters develop Diabetes Mellitus too so if you need help with your sick hamster
or just want to talk about hamsters then please join one of these two email lists.
This list is moderated by one very special lady that rescues hamsters in need...Jane Landis
Click on the above link to join this email group
Diabetes is found all too frequently among our beloved pets. 
Let's share what we know, what we fear and how we can help.
Founded: Jun 24, 2003
THE ORIGINAL HAMSTER MAILING LIST. Helping    to further the proper care of hamsters through education  and friendship. With help from Experts across the globe.    *Please join us*! 
To join:
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Cancer in Canines Email Groups
With cancers being diagnosed in dogs each day, this group is for support, comparision of treatment methods, (conventional or otherwise) and the experiences of those owners whose dogs have been diagnosed with any type of cancer. Here you are welcome to vent, grieve, ask questions or simply share stories about your precious furbaby!
Related Link: 
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The number of canines that are diagnosed with cancer is on the rise. This list is for dog lovers who want to learn as much as they can about this devastating illness and/or share their personal experiences with canine cancer. Discussions will focus on the treatment of cancer in dogs. This includes traditional therapies such as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, and alternative therapies, such as nutritional therapy and holistic medicine.
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Canine Osteosarcoma Support Group
All of the 335 members have dogs that are dealing with Osteosarcoma or have already
crossed the Bridge. We even have a "token" cat who has osteosarcoma. Several dogs on our list are long term survivors, in excess of 4 years. Many others have reached a one year or two year survival. The group offers support, encouragement and information based on publicly available data referent to osteosarcoma. There are several vets on our list who remain in lurk mode. The website has information regarding the latest clinical trials, information regarding amputation, chemotherapy, pain management, radiation, bisphosphonates and alternative medicine. Most of all, we are there for each other. I would welcome anyone to join and look
through our site, if you find something that might be useful to a client or colleague, 
please feel free to use it.
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Diabetes in Pets is NOT a Death Sentence!
What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?