Pets Name: Star  Owners Name: Gail  Diagnosed: 8/2002  weight 69lbs
Insulin used: Humilin N  Right now 13 units 2 times a day am & pm ( still
adjusting dose) major problem with keytones.Border Collie type mixed breed

Star was diagnosed in mid August with Diabetes after a very rough start
(6 days in  an intesive 24 hour care hospital ) she came home
unregulated because she would not eat. After another week at home she
finally started to eat and we have been raising her dose accordingly. We
also have been having a rough time with keytones  her level has been at
80 with urine testing. She started at 3 units 2 times aday and now is up
to 13. twice a day Her keytones have gone down some sometimes to 15 but
her gloucose is up now! She also has severe allergies mostly a rash on
her belly which was being treated with steroids the Vet and myself are
sure thats what stared this mess. Despite all her problems she has been getting 
stronger and more active every day. She runs around playing 
and jumping almost as if she isn't sick at all. 
Gail Olencki

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