Spooky and Family

What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

My dog Spooky is a Rottweiler age 7 
and was dx diabetic and hyperthyroid 8 98 at age 5. 
She belonged to my son who came home to stay with me for two months
while his house was being finished. She was only six months old. 
When it came time for them to leave I found there was no fence around the 
new house so I refused to let Spooky go there. 
During this time she had adjusted to my house 
and interacted well with my four other dogs.
After about two years I saw her sleeping a lot and consuming large amounts of 
water, so off to the local vet we went, who after taking blood tests refereed 
us to the Animal Medical Centre in NY City. 
He said he was like a G.P. and she needed special care. 
There she was dx.
I was devastated. She was only five years old. She stayed for three days to 
be regulated. I did not see how I would be able to deal with this, with four 
other dogs and three cats, but the Drs. made it sound so easy. All we had to 
do was to keep to a schedule for food and shots.(sure)
She was so good about the shots that I began to feel confident,
however this was not to be. 
Three days after coming home she went hypo and after karo syrup
and a run to the emergency her dose was lowered.
I did not know of home testing at this time and was driving myself crazy 
urine testing every hour and never leaving the house if she would be left 
alone. We went along fairly well for awhile, until we ran out of NPH. 
She was put on Humalin N. Lower doses and higher BG, working our way back up 
from 17 units to 25 units on which she had a terrifying seizure. Back to the 
emergency we went and had the insulin changed to Humalin U . The vet said it 
worked better for cats but wanted to try anything at this point.
Now I found information on the Internet from my daughter, and knew that 
somehow I had to learn how to work this monster called a computer. (still pre 
K) When I found this list I learned so much and began home testing.
This made me start to feel confident again, and I knew there was not a thing 
in this world I would not do for my Spooky. 
My life had revolved around her so much that I had to change my work schedule 
from days to nights to be with her in the daytime and my daughter could be 
with her while I worked. I also bought a cellphone so that I could be 
contacted at anytime. 
Things started to be a little better with the home testing, but the insulin 
was not working to well, so we needed to change again, but after two years dd 
along came the dreaded cataracts and she became almost blind. We were warned 
it might happen so we went straight to surgery. One setback we had was a UTI 
so we had to wait two
extra weeks. On August 29th she had the surgery with lenses implants and SHE 
CAN SEE! She came home the next day with Humalin L and new food called 
Glucose Control. Her BG is still running high but we expect that to change 
when she is off the eye meds. 
Has all this changed my life? Sure it has. I now like working at night, I like 
having a cellphone, my daughter stayed home and studied harderand I sorta 
learned the computer. There is light at the end of the tunnel, so all the new 
people do not give up. Listen to these wonderful friends on this list and 
learn as after two years I am still learning. I have to thank each and every 
one of them, also I must thank Spooky for making me find all these wonderful 
people who let me know that I am not alone with my fears. 
Please do not think that this a horror story, even though this a day to day 
battle my life is now so much richer.

Ros & The Fur Babies

Doc     and      Muji

November 2002
Noel has gone to the Rainbow Bridge  two weeks after being dx with cancer

Snoopy went to the Rainbow Bridge in February due to bladder cancer

I am Doc . I am 12. 
The Doctor cut of part of my back leg and now I run like 
a rabbit, but I  am still boss of the cats.
I am Shadow. I am 12 too. 
My birth mommy put me in my human mommys yard when I 
was a baby. I am not allowed outside anymore.
I am Tiger. Iam 9. 
My mommy found me crying under a car when I was a baby. 
Iam the Princess Noel. I am almost 9
 I have lived here always,and Iam the 
boss of this house. Spooky only thinks she is.LOL.
I am Muji. Iam 9. 
I dont remember who tied me to that tree in the park, but I 
know I like it here. Im not scared anymore. 
I am Snoopy. I am 7. Muji is my birth mommy.
I am Woodstock.I am 7. I am Snoopys twin.
Sometimes they call us Arnie and Danny as we look so much alike.
I am Spooky the pincushion. They keep saying dd about me.
I don't care what they say just as long as they feed me. I know I am spoiled,
cus I hear mommys friends say so. Could they all be wrong?

Ros & The Fur Babies

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