A Canine with Diabetes Mellitus
What Could Be Sweeter Than a Diabetic Pet?

Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 
I just discovered your website because my Snowy was diagnosed with diabetes last January.  Snowy is 10 years old. My vet has her on Humulin L insulin and I noticed that Queenie is on 70/30.  Do you think Snowy is on the wrong Insulin? Should she be switched to 70/30??
Grace a blood curve will determine the best insulin for your pet.
My vet does not seem to know a lot about Diabetes and does not even recommend blood sugar monitoring to his patients!  I thought that was terrible!
I immediately bought Snowy a Freestyle Flash Meter and test her twice a day and I try to buy the best of everything for her.
I really enjoyed reading your stories!
It helps to have support from others and I thank you very much!!  I hope I can help you too.
We have a great email list...a support group that supports each other in the good times and bad. More info about this list can be found  here 
I am praying for all the animals that have these terrible diseases and hope we can make their lives better by educating each other on this disease of diabetes.

Thank you again!
May God Bless you and keep you strong, Queenie! You are so precious!
 Angel Queenie watches over everything from Heaven!!
Grace Sotto and Snowy

(I also have 3 cats:  Sandy, Krissy & Katie. 
Fortunately, they are all healthy!)
We would love to see pictures of the kitties and put their pictures on the website as Snowy's siblings
Update: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 
Hi Judy:
Snowy's blood sugar is much better now.  Apparently, the meter I was using was not accurate and her blood sugar was actually running really high.  She was not feeling well and I took her to the vet 2 weeks ago.  Before we left, her blood sugar registered at 102.  When the Vet took it, it read 678!  I was appalled and called the company (Therasense)  that made her meter (Freestyle Flash).  They told me that it is not supposed to be used for anything but human blood.  So, I went out and bought an Accucheck Compact machine.  It is a little awkward to use but very accurate!!  Now we are right on target!
She receives Humulin L - if over 200 - 7 u, over 300 - 8u.  So far her blood sugars are great! Under 200.
The most accurate meter for canines is the one sold by
www.animaldiabetes.com There is a very good explanation on their website as to why. Margo a member of our email group...her dog Alex helped to test this new machine before it became available to the public.
Snowy also recently developed Vestibular Syndrome 3 weeks ago and is slowly diminishing.  She was going in circles quite a bit like she was dizzy.
Has Queenie experienced this?? 
No that is one thing that she did not experience.
Apparently, it is like having an inner ear infection and causes the equilibrium to be thrown off causing the spinning around.
How is Queenie's condition? 
Queenie did very well and lived for eight years with diabetes. She went to the bridge on March 3, 2003
 Read Queenie's Memorial Here.
Hopefully, she is doing much better than Snowy. Some people tell me to just "put her to sleep and put her out of her misery".  I think that is so sad that people are not willing to go above and beyond to help an animal like they would help a human being.  Just because they have Diabetes, it can be taken care of and they should continue to enjoy life!
I am so happy that there are so many of us who are willing to take excellent care of their pets and love them so much!  They are my kids!
I so agree with you...I always called Queenie my child with fur!!
(I also have 3 cats who are wonderfully well!)
Angel Queenie sent us a cat in December of 2003 nine months after she became an Angel. She knew I was still grieving and needed something to cherish and love once more. Boy did she send me a BRAT.
 Read about KitKat here
Thanks so much for writing!


Meet Snowy's Kitty Sisters





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