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Of Owners and Their Pets with Diabetes Mellitus


Snoopy was born February 20, 1994.  He is a Ridgeless Rhodesian Ridgeback. 
We got him outside of the humane society.  I was 6 months pregnant and said
some things inside the humane society to lead them to decline our application to 
adopt a pet.  My husband had taken us there because he and our first daughter 
Nickie wanted a puppy.  As we were leaving there he was in the back of someone's
truck.  He took one look at Mike, smiled, wagged his tail, and that was it. 
Mike and Nickie said this must be fate, I said no it was Murphy's law. 
His first owners we were told kept him locked in the laundry room all day and
had named him Dopey.  Nickie hated the name Dopey.  She said because he
wasn't Dopey, and renamed him Snoopy.  The first few years with him were rough. 
He counter surfed(eating 300 lbs of frozen meat).  We also didn't think that there
was a fence built that could keep him in the yard.  Did I mention he got into 
cabinets, and knew how to open the refrigerator?  I didn't like him until we were
in the country, and I watched him with our two girls.  He was never more
than 3 feet away from them.  He had even saved Nickie from being trampled 
by a horse, bit by a snake, and bit by another dog.  His bravery, and loyalty 
won my heart.  He is also an avid camper, loves riding in cars, boats, and 
swimming in the lake.  I took him through obedience training and he passed 
the canine good citizen test at therapy dog status.  He began losing weight in March, 
but he was supposed to. He weighed 100 lbs at his check up.  They put him on a diet.
 In April, we thought he was doing good losing weight, but by May, 
Snoopy weighed 50 lbs.  He lost his eye sight in June.  All this time our normal
vets said that he was ok.  He lost the weight he needed to lose, and at his age dogs
sometimes lose their sight, not a cause for alarm.  Well, he continued to lose weight, 
and began having accidents, drinking phenomenal amounts of water. 
August 12th, 2003 our guy Snoopy was diagnosed with diabetes and was in 
ketoacidosis. It was a hard week and a half but Snoopy is a tough guy, and fought
his way out of it.  Snoopy sits still for his insulin twice a day, and has been getting 
out to do some stuff.  Still not ready to swim in the lake,  but smiling just the same
adorable smile(we know and love).  Our family is so grateful to rainbow diabetic
pets and all the help and information.  What a blessing to be in the company of such
great loving hearts.
A big thank you from The Nichols Family 
( Mike, Tamara, Nickie, Megan, Snoopy, & MooGooGaiPan (aka kittydiva))

This is our last day on the internet so a very big thank you to everyone 
and all their support and help. 

Come rub my belly...Mom!

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