What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet!

An email had been sent to the group about a diabetic kitty in Texas needing a home. The owner wanted to have him put to sleep because he had diabetes and "was just a cat". I had Sunduster at the time and could not see putting a cat down just because of diabetes. This disease is not a killer. The cat's name was Smokey and lived at the Lovan Animal Clinic in College Station, Texas. I waited a couple of days hoping someone would offer to take him, but no one did. So I contacted Lisa at the clinic and told her I was interested in taking Smokey. I already had one diabetic cat so what trouble could one more be! Lisa and I emailed each other several times getting to know each other. At one time during the time I was waiting to get Smokey there was talk of his owner wanting him back but that did not happen. Then I was told that the owner had come into the clinic and signed papers releasing Smokey to them. So I bought a cat bed, toys, and food for Smokey. And on Saturday March 19th I went up to College Station to get my new boy.  The trip took about 2 hours and I put about 400 miles on my car. I had taken pictures of the wonderful countryside and at the vet's. But on the way back my camera broke and the pictures are still in the camera. I have not been able to get it fixed yet.Smokey had been an inside outside cat and I was concerned as how he would react to being totally inside. (not to worry, it does not bother him at all) I was told he was in the "honeymoon stage" of the diabetes. He was eating WD dry and getting no insulin at this time. When I finally got to the clinic, the vet was not there and neither was Lisa. Only two helpers were there. I would have liked to have met the vet and Lisa. Smokey weighed about 18 lbs and when I picked him up, he felt every bit of that and more! He was a very friendly guy and when I put him in the carrier that I had brought, he started mewing. Once he was out in the car, he did not stop. I guess he had a lot to tell me. 
I kept him in my bedroom for several weeks as I wanted him to get used to me and the smell of my cats. During that time, I noticed that he was urinating a lot more and drinking a lot more water. So off to the vet we go. Tests were done and he had to go on insulin. We put him on the same PZI that Sunduster was on. Smokey gets 4 units twice a day. So far he is doing great. He is out with my cats now. He is a loner though. I think because he has moved around a lot. His owner had gotten him from a shelter, then she deserted him to the vet clinic. I just hope my home is his last. He likes to sleep on his back. He eats very well and doesn't mind the shots at all. He is a big beautiful blue boy. 
(Here is his picture. 

As soon as I have time, I am going to put all of the pictures on a webpage) I had gotton a throw away camera to take pictures of him in my house.

Update: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 
He weighs 18 lbs, but look at his legs in the picture at top of the page.
He is very big boned.
Update on Smokey 6- 11- 05
He is doing fine and eats well. I used to feed him  WD wet and dry, but he got tired of that and quit eating it. I now have him on Science Diet Senior. His coat has improved, is more shiny with less mats. I still use  PZI insulin, giving him 6 units in the morning and 5 at night.  He is getting old--12 years now and just celebrated his 3rd sugarversary. He does sleep more during the day. When I first got him, he was not at all trusting. He now lies in my lap. Of course when I have roast chicken, he has to have some. (no skin or fat, of course) That is his favorite snack.   
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