What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet!


Sixty Quid born: March 26, 1998
diagnosed: March 27, 2005
on 18 units of insulin once a day.
Rainbow Bridge: May 14, 2007
I got Sixty 3 weeks after losing our 2 Boys. We were heart broken and had no thoughts of getting another dog. We were out driving in the country when we came across an animal shelter, we decided to pop in and have a look, and this 10 week old puppy came up to me (She was so thin and she had been ill treated ) and I said to my Late Husband that I wanted her. ( he couldn't refuse me anything) The person in charge said she was £60 and that's what we paid for her and my husband said we will call her Sixty Quid, Sixty for short.

When I lost my husband 5 yrs ago she helped me come to terms with it.
Last year she was very ill for 6 months with campler bacteria  and she had to take 4 courses of antibiotics before we got rid of it.

The week before Easter 2005 she started vomiting and the vet admitted her to hospital with pancreatitis. On Easter Sunday they rang me and told me that my beloved Sixty had diabetes. I started crying because I thought that she would have to be put to sleep. I went straight up there and the vet explained that he had put her on insulin and I would have to learn how to give injections.  (I haven't had a problem with injections.  ) She was in the hospital for 8 day's and they were the longest 8 day's of my life.

Dot and Sixty

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