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Savannah, Mom Kris, Shasta

Shasta & I , used to go on walks when she lived across the street from me. One day she layed on the street hot and couldn't walk she was on her way to my house. She weighed 80 pounds at the time. I saw her and went to get her and picked her up and carried her across the street, up the steps and into  my house. I gave her fresh water and fresh food.
I was unaware she was sick at that time. I made sure she was ok and kept her in my house with the  air condtioner on.
When her owner came home I confronted him ...told him what happened. He said " he forgot to feed her". I was real upset to hear this. I told him if he not going to feed her , I sure will. He then let me keep her on weekends only. That went on for awhile. I was also babysitting his Grandmother at Shasta house at the time which let me see her every day. It was while I was there  I noticed McDonalds happy meals coming in and in the back yard with Shasta. Then it was Sonic, Whataburger ,etc. It was then I asked the Grandson to stop feeding that stuff to her it making her fat.He didn't stop.

It was my turn to babysit. She was happier here then over there one day. I wasn't sure what was happening.
I went back over there and started to notice she was neglected and abused.  I blew up big time .Shasta was neglected  for a long time. I basically told the Grandson to surrender Shasta to me OR I will call  all the Local Authorities , including 911 and gave him a  48 hour time frame to respond. He surrendered.  He found out I am the wrong person to piss off..I legally adopted Shasta immediately. She loved being here and was safe. I gave her low fat, low carb diet at first. We walked jogged, and went to the lake a lot.Shasta had a better life here. She slowed down one day . I then found out she was sick very sick, Had bad vet on top of it, & learned she was diabetic. I was furious that  she was sick and called the previous owners and he said'' he didn't care". Believe me,, I had a major time trying to let go of this. He had more money than he knew what to do with and a few grand to help Shasta wasn't going to happen. It took me along time to get over that. I told the vet at the time save Shasta right now. They did. It was thru this group I had to learn to trust , let go of old vet , put her on NPH,  get a new vet. I did.  We have had many good times here as well . I have had happy times with my daughters & best friends.We have been to the lake a lot. I became best friends with them b4 and after they got sick. I took care of them while they were sick , prayed for them and did the best I could. I have posted many stories over the year or so on Shasta. Both my girls are well loved .We have had many happy times here. I will always love them very much and never forget them.Thankfully, they are my daughters that The Lord chose me to take care of.
I will always remember you.

I will always love you girls.


Here is  a picture of Savannah Susie and story of my daughter.

In 2005,I received an email from SPCA informing me that over 200 dogs were coming up from New Orleans, La. 
The dogs were from Hurricane Katrina. They were in desperate need of foster care. These dogs went 15 days with out human contact due to the FEMA & U.S.A Gov not allowing pets to come with the owner.The email was sent out on day 16 after the hurrricaine Immediately, I drove to McKinney, Texas to sign up for volunteer in the foster program. I was able to choose whatever dog I wanted. I chose Savannah. She didn't have a name at first, from not having ID .

She lived with me and we became  best friends immediately. She missed her owners & her siblings.  We walked  a lot  on her command, that was 3 times a day usually. She had collar on with out her name and with out microchip.
I didn't know her name at first.  I called her Savannah she came to me a few times Then one day I said "Susie" and she came to me. I just named her Savannah Susie. We walked a lot and had many happy times, new beds, new clothes, and trips to the lake, she loves the lake to see the ducks. We became best friends right away. I sure do love her. The fostering program kept in touch with me as I kept reporting how well we are doing, the SPCA was very happy to know we are doing well and having good times. The SPCA really does trust me.One day Savannah slowed down on her walks. Immediately, I went in. She was sick. Her owners after spending a month trying to find Savannah , called the SPCA.They wanted her to come back home to New Orleans, We then found out her real name is "Susie" not "Savannah". I told the SPCA I would get second opinion on her illness. The second vet confirmed she was "heartworm postive in maybe the last stages."Her xray and sonagram showed "bronchitis" and "lodge of mucous in her esophagus" I was saddened and told the vet to save her now. The report was sent to SPCA immediatly. Savannah was no longer able to fly or take a drive to New Orleans due to altitude. Her owner was notified. They asked the SPCA if I could please adopt her. I said yes, I wanted to go as far as possible to save her. I legally adopted her . Took her to the vet for heart worm treatment, she had 1 treatment only. She had an adverse reaction to the treatment that no one was ready for. Her heart was enlarged. I said I just adopted her, she is mine and save her.. please save her .We had to treat the bronchitis, heart disease and for go treatment and try heart gaurd at the time. Somehow, with a lot of prayer it worked. After, she recovered from being on meds she was able to walk a house or 2 at a time. Then we had to build up to going out of the house. I took her to the lake and made every day Valentine's Day and Best Friend Day for her. Again, we prayed a lot for her. I have tried to become friends with previous owners over the years. They are very happy that I have saved Savannah Susie,and we are best friends. They trust me and am happy that I have her. I have dressed her up a lot over the years, she enjoys that kind of stuff.

She is the only best friend  & daughter in the neighborhood that dresses up.  I have taken her to the lake many times over the years. I have taken her  everywhere I go a lot too. She loves being with me & I love her very much. We have had many "Mommy & Me "days and continue to have ,"Mommy & Me" days. I have cooked her a lot of her favorite  foods  over the years and will continue to. A few of her favorite foods are : Baked or grilled fish, shrimp,,chicken, fruits apples, pears, watermelons. She also likes" Fat Tuesday" kind of stuff , Pancakes, crabcakes, eggs any style, and of course cajun. What is her favorite dish??   Red Beans & Rice, with fish. She likes New Orleans style dishes , she was raised on it since she was a puppy. I have had her since she was 4 yrs old. She doesn't recognize the New Orleans Music anymore, she sure does recoginize the "smell of food from New Orleans" she lays right at my feet when I cook .
She guards the stove . We are careful of how much food she gets and watch her food too. 

She has a ramp that she and Shasta had to share to get up on the bed. Savannah to this day is still scared of thunderstorms and thinks the Hurricaine is here.She climbs up the ramp to get in bed with me sometimes or we go in the hallway away from the storm it helps some.

She is a real sweet heart, I call her Sweetheart a lot , she is very sweet, loving, gentle, loves kids, and elderly people.
She is a true friend and true sweet heart and best friend. I am thankful she is my daughter too. We have had to learn to live life differently to keep us safe  sometimes with her being on meds, bronchitis, heart disease, pushed up trachea from heart disease. We still get out of the house some  but for shorter peroids of time now. She is sick now .Thankfully, The Lord has chose me to do the best I can with Savannah. I continue to do best I can. I pray for both my girls. She has had to share the house with Shasta who later came in to our house and that didn't go over well at first, but somehow  it worked out. They loved going on walks and learned to share toys too. They especially love the lake, I go there for them.

Savannah is now by herself with me again .We will continue to have "Mommy & Me days" and go to the lake and treat every day as though it was the last, for time is now short with my baby girl. She is real sick now..I do not know how much time we have left, so we make the best of it each day. She continues to get plenty of attention just like she always did. We now pray for her & continue to pray for her previous owners. The previous owners don't know how sick she is I will not tell them. I haven't had much contact with them and have let it go for their sake.The Hurricane and losing all, except her  was enough.

I will always remember Savannah Susie, I will always love her very much.

Shasta Noel having a nap and dreaming of going to the lake.

Shasta and Savannah looking out at the lake!
Shasta whispers to Savannah:  "Look Savannah...I see a duck swimming on the lake..."

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