What could be sweeter then a pet with diabetes!
Monthly Digest?
A monthy feature in the pet diabetes email support group.

A new feature of the email group.
The Monthly Digest.
You cannot subscribe to this ... it is sent to the members of the yahoo pet diabetes email group which you can join.

Special thanks to Bonnie for doing the July-August Digest and most of the September Digest.

The Monthly Digest.
Last month's digest is on the web at this url.
This month's digest url is

Membership Update:
At the end of August we had 588 members
As of the end of September we have 629 members 

The volume of email is high right now due to so many new members with questions.  Remember this is how everyone learns.
Make a folder in your email program and direct the emails to there so that you do not clutter up your inbox. Please join our otchat group for sharing non-diabetic related posts!

New Members that responded to our questionnaire:

Susan & Chloe  8 yr old Lab
Kim & Lady  8 yr old Sheltie rescue
Steve & Jasper  9 yr old Westie from our RB group
Denise,Rusty & Babie 8 yr old Lab
Grace & Rolo  11 yr old mixed breed (or mutt as Grace said)
MaryAnn & Kelly  9 yr old Daschund
Judy & Hobbes  9 yr old Poodle
Nadine & Brandy  5 yr old Australian Cattle dog
Ronel & Tessie  13 yr old Dashund
Ginny & William  11 yr old CKCS
Debbie, Jeff & Toto  11 yr old Schnauzer
Tina & Wilbur  11 yr old Bichon
Arline & Scooter 8 yr old Rat Terrier
Paula & Ned  9 yr old Chihuahua
Allison & Roxie  9 yr old Shepard mix
Patrick, Carol & Sunny 7 yr old Brittany Spaniel
Donna & Mindy  5 yr old Lab
Debb & Scruffy  11 yr old Schnauzer
Tammy & Gizmo  12 yr old Yorkie
Pebbles & her family   6 yr old dog
Geneva & Yodel  9 yr old Bassett Hound
Mili & Andrew  8 yr old brown tabby

We also have quite a few new members that we do not have information on and we welcome you to our internet family. We encourage you to send in your questionnaire forms to Bonnie.
At some point in time, you may have a question and this information helps us help you that much faster.

Urine Testing was discussed this month so thought I would share some information on this subject.
Several of our longtime members only urine tested. Bonnie's Keisha, Karen's Loki, Sharon's Luke
I only urine tested Queenie for her eight years of diabetes with occasional blood testing at the vet's.  She did not want to be blood tested and I could not find a spot that bled good and it caused her enormous stress and myself trying to do it.
I then started to doubt myself when I could see that others was able to obtain blood. Don't do this! We are here to share experiences not to cause each other doubt.
If you can obtain blood and do your own curves then you are way ahead in the game but if you can't then you are still in good shape :)
I always observed how much she was drinking and how many times she had to go outside.  I even counted seconds she peed to see if she had more urine output then usual.
I adjusted her insulin with the following method.
I wanted her urine samples to be negative all the time except perhaps a trace in the morning. 
Linda's vets idea and the one that I went with:
His theory is if you increase the insulin until you hit negative and than back off a unit or 1/2 unit until you get glucose 1/10 to 1/4 (on bayer diastix) 
than the dosage (units of insulin) you are administering is the correct dosage (at negative). 

Some URL's to help with Urine Testing
*Urine testing your diabetic cat* 

Cataract Surgery and the use of the Elizabethan Collar was an important topic.
It is very important that your pet wears some kind of protective collar after the surgery.

Bonnie suggested the use of the "soft" collars that you blow up and are available at pet stores. Milo had surgery a few weeks ago and was sent home with the hard collar. When I was leaving the vets, a lady was coming in and she told me to go to Petco and get the soft collar. She got one when her dog had cataract surgery. It worked great.
From Margo: Most ophthalmologists have them wear the collar to prevent post-op damage as they want to rub their eyes after surgery. 
From Dr. Marlene: "Thank you all for your sharing and answers...
Being in the Human Health field, I can understand the need to protect eyes after surgery.
My question was not 'whether' to use it, but rather 'if' there was another alternative to the Elizabethan collar. My research has shown that Optivizor is being used in Australia and Canada, and was developed in Australia.  I am having the US/Canadian rep. sent samples to my Vet. Ophthalmologist here on Long Island, NY. My Ophthalmologist is also known in those countries and I will abide to what he believe would be best. He has done thousands of cataracts and does special type Glaucoma surgeries as well...We have to have confidence in the surgeon that we entrust with the care of our loved ones...It's that simple..." Hopefully Dr. Marlene will share with the group how Maggie does with the use of this collar and that she shares some pictures too.

Read some of the Cataract Journals on the website. Members have shared what to expect before and after the surgery.

This month in our food section we will be looking at Natures Variety's Instinct for both Dogs and Cats.This is their grain free food.

Chicken Meal Cats

Crude Protein (min) 50.0%
Crude Fat (min) 22.0%
Crude Fiber (max) 2.8%
Carbohydrate 5.2%
Rabbit Meal Cats
Crude Protein (min): 40.0%
Crude Fat (min): 22.0%
Crude Fiber (max): 2.4%
Carbohydrate 12.6%

Canned Cat
PROTEIN: 9.0% (min),   
FAT: 7% (min)
Fiber 3%
Carbohydrate 3.5%

Chicken Meal Dogs
Crude Protein (min): 42.0%
Crude Fat (min): 22.0%
Crude Fiber (max): 3.2%
 Rabbit Meal Dogs
Crude Protein (min): 35.0%
Crude Fat (min): 22.0%
Crude Fiber (max): 2.0%

Duck Meal & Turkey Meal Formula

Crude Protein (min): 35.0%
Crude Fat (min): 22.0%
Crude Fiber (max): 3.5%

Canned Dogs
PROTEIN: 9.0% (min),   
FAT: 7% (min
Fiber 3%

This is the meal Queenie was fed for the eight years of her diabetic life.   
Roast Beef or whatever meat we are eating that night for dinner  
I always removed all fat from any meat because I wanted to try and avoid upsetting her pancreas.
Like I used the white meat of the chicken and removed the skin too.
brown long grain rice not the instant kind  
raw oat bran - 1 tablespoon heaping (I use the brand made by Quacker in hot cereal section of market) 
plain non fat white yogurt-one teaspoon (this seemed to take care of yeast infections)
With Queenie I use half rice half meat combination to which I pour on some raw oat bran and add a teaspoon of yogurt mixing it with my hands. 
Queenie weighed 27 pounds and had basically stayed at this weight for the last few years within a half a pound either way 
Figure out the calories your pet requires for the day and mix accordingly  
I cook an entire roast beef and cut it up into pieces freezing in sandwich bags and pop one in microwave in the morning and mix with other ingredients.  
There is a great brown rice boil in the bag put out by Success which makes exactly two cups of cooked rice. 
Supplements Queenie received with her food daily 
one visorbit (dog vitamin) ..purchased from my veterinarian.  
100 i.u. of vitamin E (Jamieson Brand) 
1/2 tab of ester C - contains Echinacea (natural antibiotic) bioflavonoid and calcium 

Words of Wisdom from Bonnie
We encourage members to respect each other’s opinions. Other than brand new members, members are seldom monitored. We try to encourage members to post all diabetic posts on-line so we can all learn by others’ experiences and encourage joining the otchat group for non-diabetic posts in order to keep the e-mail volume reasonable.

In addition to saying that diabetes is not a death sentence, the home page also stresses that there is no right and wrong way to manage diabetes: what works best for one pet may not be the perfect solution for another pet. As moderators we try to really look out for suggestions, posts, reference links, etc that may potentially pose a problem or firestorm. Vehemently stated opinions and unbending stances generally set off a flood of posts and don’t help anyone.


Timmy –  Sheila’s diabetic brother of Tiffany
Joey  -  Sheila’s non-diabetic brother to Timmy & Tiffany
Beverly's Jazzy (Alaskan Malamute) went to the Bridge on Sept 12 not due to diabetes but to ulcerated mammary cancer that spread to her lymph system.
Lu's little granddaughter Ella lost her beloved Boy Cat.

Karen & Loki evacuated Houston when Hurricane Ike hit. They came home to a home that made it through AOK
Mike, Andee and Chewie adopted a new housemate named Mickie. 
Orangie is adjusting to his new home and seems very happy much to the relief of Judy.
Connie has gone away on vacation.
Margo is starting to feel better after dislocating her shoulder. 
Good vibes going out to Linda's Gretchen and that Gretchen's lump continues to improve and that it goes away.

Nanc and her diabetes family sadly remembered Angel Ginger Bear's 1 year anniversary at the bridge

Kris’s Mack celebrated 5 years
Barb Warf's KC celebrated his birthday.
Nancy’s Jaegar (dx’d at 5mths old) & his sister Jewell celebrated their 11th birthday!!
Sharon, Connie, Julee and Kristy had birthdays this month too.

Stacey & Sweet Pea  9/8/08
Kelly & Sam  9/22/08

If you missed them you can read them on the who am I webpage

Monthly Reminders

For those members who want more chat we have an off topic group where we share crazy information, pictures and just plain nonsense.
We encourage our members to join this group if they want to post off topic subjects. Anyone from the groups are welcome to join. 


This group helps to keep our diabetes pet group more on topic and at a more acceptable amount of daily postings. Not everyone wants off topic chat and that way we have a happy medium for all the groups.

Remember we have two websites full of helpful information.

We also have two email groups the yahoo one and the rainbow one.
If you find the volume of emails too high right now we can switch you to the rainbow group that only average five to ten emails a month or you can try the digest format in either group. 

      If you want to be featured in a Who am I Email, 
      Have your diabetic pet's story posted to the website, 
      Have a memorial page made for your Angel Pet or
      If you have any suggestions for a weekly or monthly feature about  something that you think would make the group better 
      then send Judy an email with your idea.

If you know of a URL that you think should be added to this reference list or, know of a bad link on our url guide 
Please send an email to Bonnie or Judy

Judy's Email: queenie@mnsi.net 

Bonnie's Email: biovine@comcast.net 

All urls submitted to us will be researched by us before being added to the website www.petdiabetes.com

We are not vets and each post is the opinion of the poster and we take no responsibilities for their opinions. Take your pet to the vet and find a vet that you can work with.  This list is for sharing opinions and support. 

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