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What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet!
When you come to Scotland
Come and visit me Connie and Mr Buster too!!

Connie and of course double trouble Mr Buster 
who was not too keen to have his picture taken!!!!!! 

These are pictures of when Carol & Annie
went to Scotland to see Carol in June of 2004

Jennums whispers Scottish ta Judems
"Come fer tae when ye gin hame ta Alba"

Scottish Picnic Album

Old Part of Town Where I, Connie Lives

Another picture of the old part of town

Old part of Edinburgh 

Me Buster again!

A place called "Aberfoyle"

Carol and Annie

Annie at Loch Katrine
otherwise known as "The Trossachs"

Carol at Loch Katrine
otherwise known as "The Trossachs"

A View of Loch Lomond

Annie sitting on the banks of the Loch

Carol and Annie sitting on wall at the Loch

Another View of Loch Lomond

Carol is standing outside 
the famous "Witchery Building"

Closeup of Carol 

Parts of Edinburgh 

Parts of Edinburgh

Our Son's Girlfriend and Annie
outside "Dirty Dicks" Pub 

Closeup of Son's Girlfriend and Annie

All us Girls inside Dirty Dick's Pub

Closeup of Connie, Carol, Annie & ?

One more picture of the group inside Dirty Dick's Pub

From left to right Ian my Husband Carol Robarge, 
Annie, ME our Son and his Girlfriend Connie 

Heeland Coos (Highland Cows) walking down the Road

More pics from Connie's Town

This is where Robert the Bruce's heart is buried

More Pics from Connie's Town

Did you all have Picnic Chocolate Bars?


The small Town of Pitlochry 

Having morning coffee in Pitlochry 

The famous Gleneagles Hotel and Gardens 

The famous Gleneagles Hotel and Gardens 

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Connie's Scottish Midi Player

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