What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

Rainbow Bridge - April 24, 2006
Hi my name is Sassy.. I am also known as the Princess.. and I live up to my names very well... I was born March 28, 1994. . My mom Ruffles came to live with our human family when she was six months old.. and it took Debbie four years to talk Darrel into letting her get a shitzu/bichon cross.. Luckily when that time came they found my mom Ruffles.. they loved her so much and since they couldn't have kids, they decided Ruffles would have babies and out of that litter they would keep one.. I was born at 4:15 am the last of four in my litter.. By the time mom had me she was pretty tired so she was pretty happy to let Debbie take over and clean me up.. her finger was the first thing I sucked on.. and she tells me all the time about when I was born and how she fell in love with me.. I was hers from the moment I was born.. I have always been her girl.. when I get upset I usually take it out on her.. One time Darrel lost me and Debbie found me when I came home I was mad at her for a week.. She is supposed to protect me.. but I got over it..

I guess you could say I have a bit of a snotty streak in me.. maybe thats why they call me a princess.. sometimes I like to be cuddled lots and sometimes I don't... and I live for my food.. I just love treats.. And if they forget to give me one I would bug them for up to an hour  after I thought I should be given one.. I have a sister named Cheyanna.. funny story..  I am her sister and I am her aunt...My father is her grandfather.. her father you could say is my half brother.. My dad Kujo was a busy boy.. I sure didn't like Cheyanna when she was first born.. it took me a month to accept her and her litter mates.. there were five of these noisy little things.. and mom, I was mad at her for having them for about two weeks..wouldn't even let her come near me.. but it was Christmas eve and they were cute so I decided to accept them.. I am glad we kept Cheyanna, she has been my best friend.. 

On Feb 24th 2006, Debbie took me to the vet cause I was having problems with my water intake and output.. they told us I now have diabetes.. I trust Debbie to do everything she can for me and lucky me she found good people with lots of experience at Rainbow Bridge & Canine Diabetes to help guide us along the way.. Kudos to you great people and to all your wonderul fur babies whose diabetes will never be in vain as they guide the way for  all us newbies.. All I can do is say thank you and hope
that my journey will help a newbie one day just like you and your fur babies are helping me....

Debbie and Sassy
Alberta Canada

Another Picture of Me

My Mom Ruffles, Sister Cheyanna and I

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