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Sweet and Sassy born 07/07/92 died 12/18/02 

 Sassy was  diagnosed with diabetes mellitus in December of 2002
She was a 10 year old toy pomeranian and the joy of my life and my best friend.

Dear Wonderful People,
I was in shock as to the outpouring of love and emails in one day.  And
thank you for all the compliments on my little beauty Sassy.
Unfortunately I am in tears now as my dear little baby lies in my arms, you
see she was diagnosed just yesterday with diabetes but she had other
complications too that became apparent.  Last week my Sassy became
lethargic which was quite a change from my little bouncing duck and chicken
chaser ( you see that was her self appointed job to keep the ducks and
chickens off the porch)  suddenly she was out of breath and then showed no
interest in her toys or the other animals she just wanted to be at my side
or feet.  She has always been Miss Friendly.  Now she only wanted mommy.
It's just her and I in this big house since my son went to the marines so we
always kept each other such good company.  Then the rasping started and
swaying last weekend and excessive water drinking and urination, i knew
someting was wrong.  First thing Monday I took her in to our vet and he
looked at me with a grave expression and said she had a heart mumur but
that didn't bother him as much as the drinking and urination. Dr. Bobby asked
me to bring her in Tues morning early after her meal for full chemistry
tests and EKG and radio gram.  The call came late Tuesday  they wanted to keep
her; all indications she had diabetes as well as some other serious
conditions.  I sat up all night last night fearful that my little dog would
not come home.  She was scared to be away from me I know.  This morning I
called first thing and was sad to hear they couldn't get her to eat which
stopped the mapping for a curve they suggested I bring her home to see if I
could get her to eat and bring her right back.  My poor little friend was
so pitiful when I picked her up all she wanted was to be held and loved 
but she was choking badly so they did a further set of xrays and sent us on
home.  Sassy wouldn't eat at home either all I could do was comfort her the
suffocating was worse and any time she tried to eat fluid came from her
nose. I called the vet and Bobby said the xrays were done and to come right
back in.  The news wasn't good my baby had a large tumor putting pressure on
her heart and collapsing her lungs.  She wouldn't survive surgery she was
too comprised and was suffering for every breath.  As I sit here with my
now still friend even though no breath comes from her I still feel the
presence of her heart in mine.  Never has an animal in my 41 years touched
my soul like this tiny giant.  She was my best friend; my other child; my
confident and most of all my one true love.  I will bury her under a garden
of roses and as each spring brings their beautiful array I will remember
that I was truly blessed with her.
Maybe after my sorrow lessens I will tell you of our wonderful adventures
you see I have camped all over the United States on horse back and in
wagons with my Sassy.  I worked across country with her traveling by my
side, she has been on planes from coast to coast.  I hired a sitter when I
had to be away for the day from here so she didn't have to suffer being
alone at the house or not have someone to let her out.  She was a princess
and was spoiled accordingly.  I will tell you of her saving a horse from a
attack turkey and her wild new years eve party where she stole into peoples
drinks and growled at them when they retrieved them.  She was a character
she liked to embarrass mommy when company came and run through the house
with my undergarments on display.
But right now I think i will love her just a little more before I have to
put her to rest in the garden, it is so hard to let her out of my arms
right now, I so want that wonderful wicked tongue to reach up and lick my
nose just one more time and tell her I Love Her.
Thank you again for all your letters of encouragement and well wishes, I
just wish they had been in time, but I am thankful for my wonderful 10 1/2
year with my best friend.

Julia, Sassy's Mommy

The story of Sassy is going to be a little different then the other stories.
It is going to be continued with letters from Julia and will show this brave woman's
courage at coming to terms with the passing of her beloved pet Sassy.

 Fri, 20 Dec 2002 
An update from Sassy's Mom and a special thank you to all.

 A special thank you to all of you and your words of comfort,
Still not sleeping here all of the past days events are running through my
head.  I pray I did the right thing by letting her go and didn't make a
hasty action.  The grieving process is killing me besides the guilt.  If I
had only known about your site earlier or the symptoms of diabetes maybe I
could have curtailed what happened.  Little things that I contributed to
aging not illness, not running after the ducks but only barking at them,
too much sleeping, an occasional accident in the house from a never problem
pet, not wanting to fetch but only bringing me the toys to have me do the
fetching.  Why didn't I see these as symptoms of a physical probem?  Snoring
all of a suddem I thought was cute, just figuring it was a change in her
postion you see she had always slept on her back which had a made a
commical site was exchanged for sleeping on her side. If I had only known,
maybe something could have been done.  Wednesday when I took her in the
xrays showed such a large tumor that it had pressed her lungs to 1/8th of
their normal size and of course they were filled with fluid, the tumor was
pressing against the heart causing the mumur and of course the liver and
pancreas were involved. If I had only known, she couldn't have surgery due
to not being able to be sedated with her lungs in the shape they were in,
they couldn't administer lasix for the fluid till they could get her
diabetes under control but they couldn't administer insulin while she
wouldn't eat and she couldn't eat due to the suffocating she was experiencing.
It was a catch 22 nothing could be done without her most likely dying on
the surgical table and I didn't want her to pass on a cold hard table with
strangers.  This was the hardest thing I have ever done I held her and
comforted her as she fought off them administering the last shot. As she
faded away my tears streamed as I told her how much mommy loved her.  The
stillness of this house is killing me, I keep looking at my feet wanting to
pick my sweet sassy up, I find myself calling for her to go outside and as
I lay my hand on the door I come to the realization she isn't here.  Her
pillows on my bed still await her.  Her favorite toys are as she let them
lay, I don't have enough heart yet to put them away. There are soft
reminders throughout my house of her, the two fostoria crystal bowls still
with water and the  food she wouldn't eat, her pictures through out the
house, a special bone in the freezer for her christmas treat I had saved,
so many things.  Her little voice whispers in  my ear that only I can hear.
The gentle paw at my leg begging for me to pick her up. Her nose burrowing
up my face to pet her.  And how I miss those kisses, I so miss the feeling
she gave me that I was the most perfect person in her eyes. I gaze out my
window looking at her grave near the pond where I want to plant a rose
garden for her, underneath the live oak trees and I pray she understands
why mommy did what she did.  Since 94 I have been sick was unable to work
at all in 95, and had to file disability in may of this year.  As I have
been totally house bound and my son gone in the marines she has kept me
company, been my partner and helped me adjust to this solitary life. Never
did she complain about me being sick she just loved me.  I don't know when
or if ever my heart will heal from her loss. It kills me to be here but at
the same time everytime I leave the house I want to rush back, I keep
feeling like I missed something.  I have read every profile on your website
and I am amazed at the strength displayed by your members and all the love
for their furbabies. I have found some solace in their words noone else
understands what I am going through.  I seem to not be able to leave your
site I am addicted to it .. only wishing I had found it before so I would
have known before this happened.  So if you don't mind I wish to post your
site to the 6 vets in this town with a printed copy of your memorial to
Sassy.  Maybe others will start reading it and note the signs so this
doesn't happen to them.Again thank you so much for all your love
God Bless you all 
and what you are doing for these special gifts may you be rewarded.
Julia and in loving memory Sassy (7/7/92-12/18/02)

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Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus
Excessive Urination (polyuria)
Excessive Water Consumption (polydipsia)
Weight Loss
Increased Appetite (polyphagia)
Exercise Intolerance
Recurrent Infections

Symptoms of Advanced Diabetes Mellitus
The smell of ketones on the breath.
This smells fruity or acetone(like nail polish remover)