Rainbow Pet Diabetes Family Portraits!

Four Gorgeous Children!
Sasha went to the RainbowBridge on February 28, 2005

I'll not be far, I promise that, and hope you'll always know
that my spirit will be close to you wherever you may go.

Our family had just returned from North Queensland, Australia where we had 
spent an animal-less 18 months in a rental house whilst my husband, a Structural 
Engineer, worked on plans for a new railway.  Once we returned to our house 
we were keen to fill it with the love of an animal again.  Off we went to the local
pet wharehouse where we had noted a litter of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pups
had arrived.  Out of two beautiful girl puppies, Sash was picked for her colouring
as any Cav. puppy is drop dead gorgeous anyhow.  She was tiny and cute 
as a button and she was always going to sleep inside (preferably on someones
bed thanks) - these dogs are NEVER outdoors dogs.  Sasha is our third Cav. - 
we just love the breed.  They are known as the "blondes of the dog world" 
and, although you may never teach one to do difficult tricks, they fill your life
with love and adoration.  Sasha would draw admirers from everywhere 
whenever we took her out and she lapped up the attention as if she always 
expected it.  Her gentle nature and liquid brown eyes made it hard for people 
to say no to her so it wasn't long before she put on weight.  We didn't mind - 
she was still beautiful and food was her best friend after us.

Sasha has been with us for over 7 years now and has crawled her way into 
our hearts.  She has weathered the over-zealous pats and bone crushing hugs
from both my youngest daughter and my little son but she loves them still. 

Sasha started to lie around the house more about a year ago but, as she was prone 
to sulking if we went out, we didn't think much of it and thought perhaps she was 
getting old.  Her added weight meant she couldn't jump onto the bed any more but 
she still slept on the end of my son's bed every night - snoring the house down and 
making the windows rattle.  She developed a bad skin problem that we just couldn't 
clear up.  Special tablets and expensive shampoos didn't fix it.  She eventually saw a
skin doctor who started her on anti-allergy injections twice a week.   A couple of 
months ago Sash went off her food - this was a worry.  One busy day I came home to 
find that she could barely get up to go to the toilet outside.  She lay in front of me with a 
very sad look and pleading eyes.  I rushed her to the vet and they kept her there for three
days on a drip.  She had bad pancreatitis.  It took another couple of weeks of her being 
not quite right for the vets to eventually diagnose her diabetes and prescribe insulin. 

Sash has been on the Caninsulin now for about a month and is so much better. 
Her skin has cleared up without the need for the anti-allergy injections
and we rejoice in the resurgence of her energetic greetings at the door. 
We hadn't realised that she hadn't done that for a while.

Sasha has lost lots of weight and the snoring has stopped, she also loves her walks
again and runs rings around us yipping and barking the whole way as we trudge
around the neighbourhood.  She is on a special low fat diet now that I got from the
great diabetic pet websites and I am so pleased to talk to all the lovely people at 
Rainbow Bridge that help Sash and I every step of the way.  I look forward to many 
more years with my beloved dog and many more years with my new friends from RB. 

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