Kim not to be outdone by Martha extends her invitation!!
The Invitation
Date: September 27, 2003 (Saturday)
 Where:  Sarnia, Ontario
Phone: 1-800-DOGHOUSE
Sarnia Barbeque at Kim's House

Date: Sept 27, 2003 (Saturday)

Where: I already told you ........Kim's House!

Time: When you get up shower and drive here, I will be waiting.

Doggie Menu: The Mic and Mac meatloaf de jour and snack de jour

Human Menu: Whatever I serve up and you better eat it!

Dessert: I promise to take it out of the package before I serve it, I
will throw flour on my face however to make you think I have been hard

Appetizers: I promise to make something that doesn't end in "roll up"

Drinks: Booze!! Oh and I may be able to find a pop in here somewhere and
if I am not to drunk to make coffee I will. For water push the button on
the fridge, turn on the tap or hose.

Rules of the house: There is no chain of command, oh who am I kidding I
am so the boss :) Don is wonderful and you will all love him. Enjoy his
company while you can because he goes back in his crate at 8:00pm.

All 4 leggers and two leggers are welcome, my yard is fenced and there
is plenty of room for romping and running. I have an ex-pen but Don will
be kept in that, you can pet him but don't give him any bones. You may
throw in beer from a distance....

Accommodations: I have 3 guest bedrooms and two of them are spoken for.
Annie will be here visiting me for a week and Margo and Danna arrive at
my house on the 26th, the night before the get together. Danna will have
the other room and Margo of course is in the doghouse so there will be a
spare room :)  Anyone else is welcome to keep Margo company outside, I
only have one doghouse but you can pull up a piece of grass. I will be
filling her water dish so please inform me if that is what you are
planning to do so I can get more bowls etc... 

Sarnia Crew to date:
Kim, Don, Mic and Mac.
& An AngelAnni
Someone put a tarp over the pen Don was in....wonder why
hmmm maybe Kim is redecorating




Kathy & Jordi

Judy and Terry
& An AngelQueenie

Adeline, Bernie, Kacey and Patrick

Deb, Fred, Sasha,Vanessa & I am not sure about their Mom Margaret

Anyone and everyone is welcome! Well kinda' ROTFLMAO!!!!

The Women of the Sarnia Party... What more can I say!
top row
Kathy holding Jordi, Deborah, Margaret, Danna, Judy, Margo, Annie, Adeline holding Kacey
Bottom row
Fred, Vanessa with Sasha, The famous sign and our hostess KIM, Mic, Mac
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