Samantha aka The Sam Dog!

What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

Samantha(aka"The Sam Dog") is a 10 year old Yellow Labrador Retriever
and was diagnosed with diabetes in October of 1998.
She weighs approximately 74 pounds now and is healthier than ever.
She gets 27 units of Humulin N twice a day and is spoiled by her mom who
makes all her food and treats.  She is a trooper about getting her shots and
having her blood tested.  Rarely does she put up a fuss about her lips being
poked for blood.  I think Samantha being diagnosed with diabetes has affected me more than it has Sam.  She has adapted wonderfully to the disease.  It has not slowed her down and she still loves to play Frisbee
and tug-of-war without ceasing.  My life is scheduled around her 
injection and feeding times.  I would not change a thing; she gives me 
much more than I could ever give her.  Taking care of her has taught
me sacrifice and commitment to the end.  Sam has always been
glued to my side, but now I think we are inseparable.  It is a huge
blessing to come home eachday from work and see her wiggling with happiness to see me.  Samantha is a gift I will always cherish and love.
Julie Hise

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