What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

~ This is Our Little Samper! ~

Sam joined our family in May, 2000.  At that time, Fred was just six years old and was
very used to being an only child!  But Fred fell instantly in love with Sam, just as we all 
did!  Although we are unsure of Sam's early beginnings, when he first came to us, he 
was in very bad health.  He had been on his own for a very long time, and he had large
ticks all over his whole body.  He was so sweet and brave!  I remember when I first saw
him I just knew that I had to make him mine!  He was such a shy little guy, so polite 
and well-behaved! All he wanted was to give love, and be loved in return! 

He has had such a terribly hard life, and he truly is my very own doggy hero!

We always call Sam our little Boodle, because he is a poodle-bulldog mix. He is so 
cute, with his curly hair and his bulldog eyes and chest!  Not to mention his adorable
underbite!  His other nickname is Mr. WiggleBottom, as he has a tiny little bulldog
tail, and when he is happy, his whole bottom wags from side to side.

Sam is now thirteen years old.  Nearly three years ago, he developed diabetes, and
we have had a very difficult time getting it under control.  Even now, Sam has periods 
when his glucose levels will spike, and we have to work very hard to get him regulated 
again.  He is given two insulin shots, morning and night, and he must eat a very strict 
diet.  Although the diabetes has robbed Sam of much of his sight, he is a very happy
and brave little boy and he is dearly loved by us all. 

Sam's Family Album




Fred, Sam and Bebe visit Santa Paws!


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