..What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

Sam's Tale
I had just recently began teaching three-year-olds in a daycare in New Jersey. My boss at the time was asking the staff if anyone wanted a dog. Her friends sister was getting rid of one. I had two others at the time and was not really interested in a third dog. (Shaina was a mixed Doberman and Homer is a Golden Retriever.) Then she came up with the words that hit your heart. "The woman who owns the dog is going to have him put to sleep as he is frightening all her young Foster Kids" I told my boss to have the woman wait one more day. I went home that afternoon and asked hubby. He immediately said Yes, as long as this dog gets along with our other two. Sam came home with me the next afternoon and promptly ran away. We both got into our cars and scoured the neighborhood and thankfully found him. 
It is now 7 years later and Sam is the love of our lives. Shaina has since gone over the Rainbow Bridge due to Neuropathy and a fairly long life. Homer is managing on his Chemotherapy and is adjusting to new meals. He has lost about 50 pounds and is a good size now. He is also in 100% remission from his Lymphoma.  
About 3 months ago, Sam on the other hand showed signs that something was wrong. He was drinking an awful lot and urinating frequently. Taking him to our local vet, we received 'the news' that he has Diabetes. Hubby and I were unhappy with Sam's lack of progress and felt we needed a specialist. Heck, if one of us Humans get ill, we go to a specialist, so why not my furbaby!!! We asked for a referral to the specialists that Homer is going to as they also have a Diabetes specialist. Sam is still in the process of stabilizing. We are still in the process of finding food that he likes as he refuses any dog foods now.
On a very good note, as of this writing: Sam is beginning to be his silly, loving self again. Sam gets his toy ball and will toss it up and attempt to catch it. Sam goes over to Homer when he comes home from his Chemo treatments and will kiss him. Sam is standing in the hallway again, 'whining' to hubby to lie on the bed with him and rub his belly. Sam is again dropping his toys on my head as I go downstairs without calling him. Most importantly, Sam also learned real fast to jump on the chair to get his insulin shot as he knows he gets a treat afterwards!
I can honestly say, it's nice to have our old Sammy coming back again. I missed his cute personality from the time he got ill to being diagnosed and now treated.
God Bless The USA
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Page added on August 25, 2007

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