Sam a Canine with Diabetes Mellitus.
What Could Be Sweeter Than a Diabetic Pet?

Sam's Story

Sam was born June 22,1998. I've always wanted a puppy, we lived in a apartment 
for many years before buying our first home. It was not complete until I got a puppy.
I did not know what kind of dog I wanted, until I saw my friend's miniature schnauzer.
Then, I knew a miniature schnauzer was the one for me. We got Sam on
January 8, 1999 he was 7 months old his name was Left. I did not 
understand why or how the breeder could name him Left. I spoke with a friend and
she said to name him Sam. Sam in Polish means left home a lone, it fit him perfect. 

Sam was very sad when I went on vacations, he would not eat, drink or go outside. 
So, I rescued a miniature schnauzer named Sadie, December 22, 2003. 
Sam and Sadie are two peas in a pod, it was the best for them both. 
Sam had more energy and he had a companion. Mid September 2004
I noticed someone was going potty in the house. I thought it was Sam and
my husband thought it was Sadie. So, I put Sadie in the master bedroom for 
the day and guess what no one went potty in the house go figure. We tried it 
again another day and still no one went potty in the house. The vet said if I got a 
urine sample she would be able to tell which dog was going potty in the house. 
Finally, one day when I was taking them for a walk I thought I need a cup to catch
some of the urine. The next morning, when I let Sam out I went out with him when he
lifted his leg I got it. I took it to the vet and she called later that day saying that Sam 
had a lot of sugar in his urine. Two days later he was diagnosed with diabetes. We are
having a heck of a time trying to get his diabetes under control. He started on Humlin L
increased his insulin slowly up to 8 units twice a day. December 1, 2004 we changed 
insulin's to Humlin N 5 units. This is all new for us, we are taking it one day at a time. 
Lynnae Osmulski and Sam


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