Rowdy's Story

What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

This is Rowdy.  Rowdy was a 1/2 Rottweiler 1/2 Doberman.
 He was bornOctober 1990.  We acquired him when my aunt saved 
a litter of pups from aneighbor who wasn't taking care of them. 
We went and looked at them, andRowdy just jumped at our hearts. 
Not the biggest in the litter, butsomething about him stood out. 
As it turns out, he was the biggest of all when he was finally full grown. 
He was as tall as a 32 gallon trash can,and at his maximum weight,
he was 145 pounds.  145 pounds of pure love and affection and devotion.
In the picture is my son Kevin.  Kevin and Rowdy were totally 
inseparable. The wrestled and body slammed each other on the ground. 
Kevin could even take Rowdy anywhere he wanted to go without 
a leash.  Rowdy listened to every command given by a 3 year old. 
In February of 1998 Rowdy started acting sluggish.  Didn't want to play as
much as he normally would.  We figured it was an age thing.  But when I 
got home from work one day, and noticed that he had not moved, and would 
not getup, we ran him to the vet.  ALAS........Diabetes.  The vet said that 
Rowdy should have bee in a coma. 
He started on 90 units of Novolin N once a day. 
We had a hard time stabilizing him at first, then all of a sudden 
he was stabilized on 96 unitsa day.  Within a year he was up
to 120 units a day.  He took his shots likea trooper.
 Didn't budge, and didn't say a word.   Within a year and 3months,
he was finally losing his eyesight, but had excellent distance vision. 
How did the diagnosis of diabetes in Rowdy affect your life?
Rowdys diabetes did not affect our life much at all.  My husband and I
shared the task of injections and feedings.  When we went on vacation, we
had a very wonderful and capable neighbor who agreed to care for him and
come give him his shots for us.
Rowdy left us totally unexpectantly in July of 1999. 
He is greatly missed, best dog we have ever had. 
Rest in peace my big baby !
Kathleen Mayberry

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