What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!
Ripley II
Ripley II here! 
I am an independent kinda guy so I want to tell you my story personally.   YES, I am a bone-ofied sweetheart (AKA a Sugar Plum) and now the official Spokesdog for Angels of the Snow's diabetic pets.  My story goes back to January 2001 when I was first diagnosed diabetic.  My family loved me and tried really hard to follow the advice of my Vet, the best they could.  My medical history records show this, but they also show my bg levels were never under 400.  In September 2005 my Dad surrendered me to Angels of the Snow Siberian Husky Rescue, it was hard but at this time I was a victim of divorce and my uncontrolled diabetes had taken a toll on my health, and no one had the time to care for me properly.  I weighed a skeletal 64 lbs, my once beautiful coat was course and dry like straw, I had cataracts, pressure sores on my elbows, protruding hips, and one lower eyelid that drooped. My stature was no longer proud and tall, but hunched over with my tail tucked between my legs. My once full chest now hung like loose skin that swayed when I walked.  Not to mention my energy level had dropped so far it was quite an effort to walk even a short distance.  I was not abused, nor neglected, I was suffering the ravages of uncontrolled diabetes. My blood glucose levels were off the glucometer and only registered "HI".  I brought my blankie, toys, my very own cookie jar, my diabetic syringes and insulin, a few bags of food, and very hesitantly said goodbye as Dad lifted me into the AOTS van...I could not climb in on my own. 

Little did I know this would be the first day of the rest of my life...a life that is now healthier than I have known in a long time.  My foster family, although they loved me and we visited my new Vet immediately, had no more luck in controlling my diabetes than my previous family at first.  So my Gram, that's what I call my foster Mom, sat at the 'puter thing with me laying at her feet, to see what she could find to help me. Woo Woo, Lo and behold she found the Rainbow Bridge Pet Diabetes group. Now, we knew all about Rainbow Bridge so it was with some hesitancy we joined but soon found this group of wonderful knowledgeable people would be the main reason I am on THIS side of Rainbow Bridge today.

It took time, and patience, love, and lots of trial and error...but with the guidance from this group I now weigh in at a healthy 90 lbs.  It took a while to "tweak" my diet and insulin, and the trail to regulation was not without it's bumps along the way but we made it, together.  I have another Vet now who works with Gram and I as a team. I no longer have that swaying flap of skin, my lower eyelid doesn't droop, my pressure sores are almost gone completely, my coat is soft and beautiful once again...and my bg levels are consistently between 100 and 200.  Oh, I like to play and romp with my
packmates now, take a nice walk with Gram,  and enjoy the love and companionship of many friends I have met through this group.  I may be a special needs rescue through Angels of the Snow but I am much more special than needy thanks to my new friends.

If you are reading this because your special companion has been diagnosed with diabetes...don't waste any more time, come join us so you can share your success story too!

Love and licks,
Ripley II
Cape Cod Massachusetts

I am so handsome and I know it!!

.Come on Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...............I am ready!

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