A Canine with Diabetes Mellitus
What Could Be Sweeter Then a Diabetic Pet?


Ripley is a wonderful six year old Brittany Spaniel.  He is truly our second child. 
He was a birthday present for my husband Bill on his 41st birthday.  I was seven
months pregnant and it goes without saying that being in that condition at home with
this adorable puppy,  HE IS SPOILED.  I accept full responsibility for this!

Since his first days on earth, he has been plagued by skin allergies. Those first few
months we dipped that poor dog in everything known to man.  The allergies start in 
early August and stop after the first frost.  In later years, we tried lots of cures but 
kept coming back to steroids because they were the only things that worked. 
This year, he didn't seem to be as bad, so he was only on one half a ten milligram pill 
every other day.  I had stopped the medication in late September, but he continued 
to drink lots of water.  Finally in October, I called the vet and took him in on a 
Saturday morning.  As soon as I told the vet what was going on, his words were, 
"He is diabetic."  I just sat in the chair and felt like someone punched me in the
stomach.  I had so many questions!  First and foremost the vet assured me it was
not a death sentence.  He gave him his first injection to showed me how to do it 
and sent up off with a prescription for needles and insulin.

Well, so far, it has been frustrating, but we are doing ok.  Ripley goes bird hunting 
every weekend, so that has put a crimp into when we can give shots and meals. 
We still don't have him regulated after six weeks, but we are close.  It has been a
learning experience for us everyday!  He has been such a true soldier at getting his 
shots.  We are up to 13 units twice a day.  We have been trying to control things using
urine strips, but as I have learned, it is not an exact science.  I am willing to suck it up 
and go to blood glucose monitoring.  This coming from a woman who faints at the
sight of blood and needles, but what are you gonna do!

So please add my boy to your list of wonderful, diabetic pets!

Dianna and Ripley 

Update September 13, 2005 
Ripley is doing so well today because of the wonderful mix of this group,  
our vet and my willingness to learn from both.  I don't know what I would  have 
done without it.  I love reading about all the furbabies and what they  are up 
to and looking at the pictures.  I say prayers for them all and cry  when we 
lose a precious angel.  Like Dawn, I also learn something new  everyday and 
add it to my notebook of things to remember.
Thanx to all the members for everything they bring to the group!   
There is no where I would rather be!

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