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Ricky & Rusty

Ricky and Rusty ~ Special Delivery!

Our home was unbearably quiet and empty after Pumpkin and Oliver 
passed to the Rainbow Bridge within one month (Pumpkin on May 29th 
and Oliver on June 30th in 2003).  We talked about whether or not we 
would ever welcome another cat into our home.  We noted that all our 
cats found us. Perhaps that would happen again.

One day in early September 2003, our daughter Lisa emailed me. That 
morning, leaving her parked car at her workplace, she heard meowing. Four 
tiny kittens were in the shrubbery! Soon, the four were safely in her office.
Among them were two orange tabbies, and she knew how much we loved 
orange tabbies!  Would we welcome them into our home? We were not sure.
We were still very sad, and in mourning at the loss of Pumpkin and Oliver.

Two of the rescued kitties were adopted that day by Lisa’s coworkers. 
Lisa took the two orange tabbies home with her so that we could meet 
them.  We met them a few days later, and they won our hearts!  We 
brought them home with us, and our home was transformed with new 
energy and love--and the soft sound of happy cats purring! 

Ricky and Rusty are affectionately known as The Orangina Boys. They 
are two sweet loveys. We are sure they were sent special delivery from 
our beloved angels Oliver and Pumpkin, who wanted us to share the love
they had once enjoyed in our home!


Ricky & Rusty had a diabetic brother named Pumpkin
and another brother named Oliver who was not diabetic.

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