ZEKE  (Feb 5, 1989 - Dec 3, 2002)

To All, 
  Thank you for all your kind words. It's good to have wonderful friends.
Everyone has been here for me when I needed you.

Zeke would have been 14 on Feb 5, 2003. He had been diabetic since Oct 1998.
It was this time last year, Zeke started losing more weight,
and his real battle with his body. Yesterday, we had to put Zeke to 
sleep, he was in kidney failure. He is next to Casper (his brother)
and Nick (his father) in the back yard. 

I knew it was time, the light from his eyes was gone. I could see it
in his face, he didn't want to give kisses anymore, just that distantlook in him.

Zeke is now playing with Casper and Nick, no more pain in his body.
He can see and hear now. And making new friends at the Rainbow bridge.
I loved him so much, he was my dearest friend. He will be missed dearly.

I think it was a blessing that I haven't had a job in more than a year.
I was able to spend more time, with Casper, Nick and Zeke, before
their passing. And taking care of Kcin (CHF), she is the mamma of Zeke and Casper.

And more time to spend with Vidal and Missy, my newest ones, rescued
From puppymills, working with them to make them feel at home.
The Lord works in many ways.


 Rest well my friend.. so mild and meek,
Rest well my friend.. my precious Zeke.

Days and months and years of love,
I was graced by your presence from up above.

We laughed, we cried, we fought a good fight,
You gave me memories, to get me through tonite.

Rest well my friend, I'll watch for your star,
And send you my love, from oh.. so afar.

Rest well my friend, so mild and so meek,
I will miss you my friend, my precious Zeke.

© by Charls ©

Pictures of Zeke's Family Members who are at the Rainbow Bridge.

Nick  (Zeke's dad)  Feb 4, 1988-June 16,2002

Kcin (Zeke's mama) (Nick spelled backwards)  May 10, 1988- Feb 21, 2003

Casper (Zeke's brother) Feb 5, 1989- Dec 11,2001

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