Rainbow Bridge
March 23, 2003

Tippy came to us 5 years ago when her owner died of cancer. 
Her owner was concerned about what would happen to her three old dogs after she passed.  She called us and asked if she left us her house could we care for her dogs.  We said yes.

After Diana passed we discovered we got three old dogs and a mortgage! 
Most groups would have put the dogs down and sold the house, but not us. 
We found some folks to move into the house and care for the dogs so we 
would not have to move them to a new location.

Tippy was diagnosed with diabetes in 5/98 2 months after Diana passed.  Again
many people said put her down, but we didn't.  We always expected her to be
the first of the dogs to go because of her diabetes, but we were wrong.  Lady
who was 14 went first 4 years ago and then Buddy who was 14 went 2 years ago.
We thought Tippy would last forever.

Tippy's diabetes was easily managed the last 4.5 years but the last few months
things started going bad.  Like I had said before it was hard to tell if it
was just old age or the diabetes.  She was born in 1984 and was 19 years old.

Tippy was one of the rare dogs who tolerated Humulin U.  She free fed, she was
blind from diagnosis.  She had a great attitude until the end.  I really think
it was Canine Cognitive Disorder that caused her to start shutting down.  I
think if that had not come on she would still be with us.  I think she just
forgot she needed to eat and drink, much like humans do with Alzheimer's.

She will be greatly missed by both of her families, 
but we know that she has rejoined her friends at the bridge.

at the intersection of flotsam and jetsam, west of Desperation, NV

by Tom and Lee Blomquist to promote 
the spaying and neutering of companion animals 
as an alternative to the current method of pet population control which is destruction

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