Tigger first saw her new home with us in '91 as a kitten a friend gave us.  She was always a well-behaved cat, she and my daughter got along VERY well.   Growing up together, Kayla (my daughter) and Tigger went through a lot together.  One day I came home from work, I saw Tigger and something seemed wrong. 
Kayla had cut her whiskers off.  She looked so silly, and I 
wondered why Tigger let her do it.

Tigger and Kayla always got along well.  Tigger would usually sleep with Kayla at night.  They spent a lot of time together.

Tigger and I spent a lot of time together too.  Sometimes when I'm on the computer or in the radio room she would jump in my lap and lay down for awhile.  If she wasnt laying in my lap, she would be laying against my feet or next to me somewhere.  Tigger gave us so much affection thru the years, more so than any of the other cats we've had.  She was always gentle and never snapped at any of us even though some of the things a 2-year old girl sometimes does with their pet.  Tigger and Kayla always got along well.

On February 15,2002 we noticed Tigger wouldnt leave Kayla's bed to eat or drink or wouldnt go to the litterbox.  Tuesday she spent 3 
days in the hospital for a liver problem.  She ate for the doctor, but 
when we brought her home, she again wouldnt eat.  We watched 
her growing weaker and weaker every day until on Sunday, 
February 24, apparently in a good deal of pain and discomfort, I 
helped her cross over to the Rainbow Bridge at 9:40pm. 

Tigger will be missed by all of us.  I will miss mostly having her at 
my feet and following me and being near wherever I go.

Tigger- you will be missed!
Tigger's Dad


Diabetes in Pets is Treatable and NOT a death sentence!!