Rainbow Bridge April 19, 2007

Memorial to Tasha 
Where do I begin.  Tasha was born on December 6, 1995.  Our journey together began on February 8, 1996 when we met and I immediately fell in love with this little fluff ball.  Had no idea of raising a little Bichon.  I found out very soon. She was the sweetest pet I have ever had.  I remember when I worked, I came home every day to have lunch with her.  I live in Minnesota and the weather could be very bad at times with the winters. But mom came home everyday just to be with her.  My kids used to tease me about Tasha.  They called her the Golden Girl.  That she was. I always called her my angel girl. She always like to have her teeth brushed.  She would remind every night if I forgot.  She had beautiful teeth.  I only  had to have her teeth cleaned one time when she was three years old. That's when I began brushing her teeth.   I used to sign her a song every night. Brusha, Brusha, Brusha, Brusha Tasha's teeth, you know that mommy just loves to brush your teeth. That was a nightly thing to do she  loved it. I know it probably sounds corny, but that was part of our life every night.  Our lives together was very special. 
 She was diagnosed on March 12, 2007, with diabetes.  Well, I don't have to tell any of you how devasted I was.  I then found the pet diabetes web site.  She never did get regulated right, and had a very bad infection.  I took her in to the emergency vet and the prognosis wasn't good.  The vet that took care of her did not know enough about diabetes and she had me changing her all the time. I know there had to be other underlying factors the vet didn't test for.  I have always said that if ever the day came, I would not let her suffer.  No more pain 
and suffering for her.  She just couldn't beat this last battle.  My heart is so broken I don't think it will ever heal.  I do have some of her remains and a little piece of her white fluffy hair in a gold heart pendant urn I wear around my neck and close to my broken heart.  She just could not beat this last battle. My little angel girl went to the bridge on Thursday evening April 19, 2007 at 8:30 pm.  It is one month today that my angel girl went to Rainbow Bridge. Seems like and eternity. 

Rest in peace my Angel Girl. 

Mom's Little Diva 

"The Light of My Life" 

You have to stay this time mummy 
I now have to be free 
Don't be so sad mummy 
for now I'm at peace 
Let go of your pain, let it take part of you 
because from out of these ashes, a new life will bloom 
Don't look for me in places I have been 
I am in your heart mummy 
and inside your soul 
..and everything that reminds you of me 
see, I'm not really gone 
Don't be lost in the dark 
or scared when you're alone 
My spirit is near you, and my light will shine on 

'to be blind and not see her magic and what she's given me 
- to sit in the dark alone and not embrace what love I've been shown 
now that, would be the tragedy' 

written by Amanda 

Happy Times 

Rainbow Bridge Dedicated in Tasha's Garden 

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