Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Rainbow Bridge
August 14, 2003

Spot came to live 
with Jane August 18, 2001

I visited a Los Angeles PetsMart well out of my usual route in August 2001,
and needed help from an employee to load bags of Carefresh into a cart. 
He made small talk, asking what kind of pets I had that had me buying so much 
bedding.  I gave him my card and told him I rescue hamsters.  He looked 
stunned and nearly cried.  He had two hamsters hidden in a back room that 
were returned by customers -- one with wet tail and one with an eye infection. 
The manager told the customers they would receive vet care, then told the
employee to kill them.  He said he didn't like hamsters, but still couldn't do it. 
We made arrangements to get them out without risking his job anymore than
he'd done already, but it meant taking them on faith without seeing them first. 

When I finally saw them, I didn't think they'd be around long, but there's a lot
to be said for some comfort and love during what time they had. 
You wouldn't believe the care he'd put into fixing their little transport boxes. 
For a man who said he never liked hamsters...

The wee one was a tiny short-haired banded golden boy with wet tail (a severe
illness of young hamsters, with mortality exceeding 90%).  He was wasted to 
a frazzled little bit of nothing with a yellow, smeary butt.  He was exhausted 
and frightened, but sweet and gentle and so much like grateful.

We spent our first 48 hours together on meds, round-the-clock forced fluids 
and feedings and clean up.  He was barely skin on bones.  Soon after,
he made a prodigious pile of semi-solid, dark poop, turning the corner. 
I named him Spot for the cute brown dot in his white band.

He had a face that could melt the ice cap and the biggest ears I'd seen on a
youngster.  I knew we'd become friends when I scooped him up for snuggles 
one morning, and he promptly grabbed my robe in his teeth and 
feverishly proceeded to pouch all he could of me!

We've been buddies for just a few days short of two years. 
He's made me laugh and smile and coo and gurgle and babble like
an idiot to a small animal with a big heart. 
Tonight he made me cry.

'Bye, baby.

Love Momma

Some Pictures of Spot to share with the world!
Spot you will always remain in our hearts!

Resting on Mom's arm is such a safe place

Mom do you have a sunflower seed hidden in your shirt?

I feel a kiss coming from My Mom!
But then I am so kissable!

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