Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Rainbow Bridge
June 23, 2003
My Sonny is gone. Around 9:00 this morning. I'm lost without him and my heart is broken. He went downhill yesterday, and his quality of life was gone. He still loved to eat and had a big special breakfast this morning. The vet thinks the bone cancer had spread to other organs, and we did see a huge change over the weekend. He could barely walk, and he started to cry a bit, which is not at all like him. John and I made the decision late last night that this morning, barring any miracles, would be the time to give him our last kindness and act of love. I held him in my arms as he slipped peacefullyinto his deep forever sleep. He was so special to me. In the 14 years since he was born we have never been apart except when I was in the hospital. He was so smart and kind and beautiful and special. Today is hard and I need a bit of time to accept that he's really gone. I'm only glad he has his wings now and the diabetes is gone, the osteosarcoma is gone, diabetic cataracts, hypothyroidism - all gone. He will always hold such a very special place in my heart. He'll be with me forever now, no matter where I am as I carry him in my heart. He knew how much he was loved.. and he still is.
Kerry & angel Sonny

Some information about Sonny
He was born on March 23, 1989
He was diagnosed March 5, 2001 with diabetes mellitus
Sonny was one of the few dogs that was regulated on one shot of insulin a day Humulin N and he received it every morning around 8:30 am

 When I think of one named Sonny
Sonny one so true
I'll think of love and laughter and fun days,
Sonny, I'll think of you.

I'll think that boy, he won the game,
He came through with flying colors.
Sonny, little one - with the perfect name,
Sonny, we love you

Rest well my friend - I'll see you over the rainbow
© Charls Cain 2003

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