My Scotty has his angel wings . . . . 

Angel Scotty
Rainbow Bridge - December 19, 2006 

Here's Scotty and my youngest son, Casey as babies in July 1993.
You can see why we fell in love with this pup from the moment we saw him. 
He has always been the most gentle and loving soul.

He was diagnosed with diabetes in December of 2005. At first I thought it pretty much was a death sentence. I couldn't imagine how we would handle this with our family's activities. 
A time schedule? 
How are we going to be there to give him a shot at a specified time? 
We managed. If it meant leaving one of my kid's sports to drive 40 minutes home, take care of Scotty and then drive back. I did it.

Scotty started out on Vetsulin. We tried it for about 6 months. We could just not get him regulated on it. He would never be good for long. We'd raise the dose, he'd be good maybe 10 days, then start drinking and peeing again. No matter what dose he was on he always seemed like such a zombie for most of the day. He had lost quality of life.

I was fortunate to find this group in May of 2006. Thank heaven for all of you. I started to truly understand diabetes and what was happening. After hearing about nph from several of you, I decided to switch him to it. Within 3 weeks, Scotty was regulated. He was like a pup running around and playing again. Happy! He was totally new, and we were happy.

Then in November, right before Thanksgiving, Scotty was getting sick. Coughing and gagging a lot. We took him in to the vets. At that time one of his lungs was not working, and the other not well. The vet saw something on the x-ray that appeared to be a tumor in his medial stinum. Gave us meds and we were to return in 2 weeks for a check up. On November 20 we took him back and he said both lungs were working now, but not well. Changed antibiotics and we were to continue the Theophylline for a month and then return for another chest x-ray. Well the antibiotic made him terribly ill, so we switched that again. He started to cough a little more and instead of waiting I took him back on December 13 for another check. The vet listened to his lungs and again said this is not good. His heart didn't sound good either. He was in congestive heart failure. He gave me Lasix and said he would call me in 48 hours. Well on Friday, December 15 when the vet called he wanted me to bring him back in. The lungs were actually moving air in and out, however his heart, spleen, and liver were all so enlarged they looked ready to burst. Also, there was still that shape in the stinum area showing up on the x-ray. No wonder there was no more eating. Too much pressure on the stomach for one, and the other reason was the stomach was no longer in the place it should be. The liver had pushed it way out of place. He said he was dying, and he didn't know if he would have 6 days or 6 months. He said to bring him in on Monday the 18 and he would do an echocardiogram. However, on Sunday he stopped eating altogether. Casey kept telling me "mom, we need to get him to eat something". We knew his time was coming fast. Much faster than we were prepared. I took him in for his echo on Monday mostly so that the vet could see him and maybe do something to make him more comfortable. He wasn't able to eat and had stopped drinking. He would look at his dish, but he just couldn't eat. One last attempt to save my beloved boy.  Scotty has been sick and at death's door before. I've always been able to make him better. Not this time.

Scotty on December 14, 2006. Yes just days ago. Out walking in the yard.

Scotty opening his last Christmas present on Sunday, December 17, 2006.

On Monday night at 7:00 pm he got up started walking more, and looked better. A little stronger. He went and got a big drink of water and looked at his food dish. We thought good, he looks like maybe he could eat. Instead he started walking to go outside and got violently ill. Throwing up and diarrhea, and then he just collapsed. I knew something terrible had just happened inside him.  It's as if something burst. I cleaned him up and put him on the couch by me, and we all cuddled him. He seemed very content by us. He got up several more times to go out but he did less walking now. He would just lay down outside. At 5:18 this morning he got up and I carried him down by my husband Daniel. That was always the way with Scotty in the morning. He would get up with Daniel and then when he left for work he would come back to bed by me. So Daniel brought him back up by me when he left. I heard a noise at 5:48 and grabbed tissues thinking maybe he had thrown up, and instead he was breathing his last breath. My most beloved Scotty was gone.
Scotty Mueller-Gentle Loving Soul 
July 9, 1993-December 19, 2006
May he walk among the clouds.

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