.My Ruby has her angel wings...

Ruby was born on June 8, 1992
Ruby was diagnosed in May of 2003
Rainbow Bridge April 19, 2007
At about 4:30 today Ruby went to her resting place.  My husband, our twin 9 year old sons and I were there with her.  During the afternoon before we went to the drs office, Ruby enjoyed a big, delicious steak, bbqd by my husband and hand fed by me.  And then while at the drs office we got her two McDonalds burgers, which she gobbled down.  After a bit my husband and sons went out to the waiting room and I was left with my girl.  She went very peacefully in my arms. 

During the past 5 months Rubys quality of life had approached 0 and I finally came to understand that I was holding on to her here on earth for my own selfish reasons.  Many people had told me this, but I needed to have her tell me.  For the past week or so Ruby was not eating much at all and had lost all connection to the world.  It was time for me to let go.

I was blessed with my little girl from the time she was 8 weeks old.  She would have turned 15 in June.  At the beginning of her life I used to sneak her into my office and kept her in a box in my big desk draw.  She brought so much happiness to me and my family and I hope that I did right by her. 

I know that my grandmother was there to greet Ruby as she went over the bridge because I was sent a sign early today after my decision was finally made.  Then on the way home from the drs, a road Ive traveled many, many times, there walking on the sidewalk was a beautiful, young chocolate lab.  Ive never, never seen a choc lab on this street before.  I choose to take this as a sign from my girl that she is ok.

Thank you so much to all of my friends who have been with us through Rubys good days and her bad days.  She is at peace now.  My sweet little girl.

Fondest regards, 
Susan A. Wellenkamp & my Angel Ruby 

Ruby, The Boys & Susan


We thought of you with love today.
But that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday.
And days before that too.

We think of you in silence.
We often speak your name.
Now all we have is memories.
And your picture in a frame.

Your memory is our keepsake.
With which we'll never part.
God has you in his keeping.
We have you in our heart.

Author: Unknown

Ruby at eight years of age with Bubby!

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