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Rainbow Bridge
May 29, 2003
Pumpkin’s Story

It was October 1991 and we had spent three days searching for him in the woods beginning 
pre-dawn, in darkness, with flashlights. I finally managed to grab him (he couldn’t resist the
tempting food) and throw him into a carrier for the trip to our home where he would be safe
and loved for 12 years. In this Halloween season, when you welcome an orange tabby into
your home, what do you name him? Pumpkin, of course!

Pumpkin came into our lives in the summer of 1991. He became my husband’s best buddy,
returning each day for food and affection. This pattern continued into October when we needed
to make a decision about “Little Red” (his temporary name). We already had two cats in our home
. Did we really have room for another?  YES!

My husband decided to take Little Red to the vet for a complete checkup. That’s when I
got the frantic phone call at work. Little Red had jumped out of the basket he was in and
had run into the woods behind the vet’s office. “Get that cat home before dinner”, I demanded! 
Dinnertime came; no cat. We had to find Little Red! The search began, thankfully with a
happy conclusion. He became our Pumpkin, our Halloween gift. He was a sweetheart. I 
decided his birthday was Valentine’s Day.

Until October 2002, Pumpkin was robust, strong, and healthy, a big love of a cat at
18-and-one-half pounds! Then he began to have symptoms of a cold. We took him to our vet.
Antibiotics were prescribed and, as a result of a complete examination, Pumpkin was diagnosed
with diabetes.  We determined to do our best for Pumpkin, and began insulin shots. I purchased a
glucometer to begin home testing with the support and encouragement of those on the Rainbow
Bridge list. We were determined to manage Pumpkin’s diabetes and we knew we could.

While learning to manage Pumpkin’s diabetes, we were concerned that his “cold” lingered on. 
An x-ray taken in early March 2003 brought devastating news; Pumpkin had a cancerous tumor
in his left sinus cavity. It was not certain how much time we had with our precious Pumpkin. 
We decided, with our vet, to take an unorthodox step. We began steroid shots to slow the cancer,
resulting in increased blood glucose levels. This treatment lasted for twelve weeks, weeks that 
were devoted to Pumpkin. 

Pumpkin lost weight and weakened. His breathing became more and more difficult. We knew
there was precious little time left, and we were devoted to making his final days happy ones. 
They were marked by restful time in the sun in his favorite place on our front lawn 
(still watching for mice and chipmunks!), generous helpings of shrimp, his favorite sea scallops,
and lots of love, hugs and kisses.

In May 2003, we were heartsick when Pumpkin’s cancer broke through his left cheek. 
We were with Pumpkin for his journey to the Rainbow Bridge on May 29, 2003.
 It was a sad realization to know that Pumpkin’s diabetes 
could be managed with success, but his cancer could not be.
Pumpkin was a brave and courageous fighter until the end.
His inspiring spirit was evident in his final days. 
Pumpkin was a precious gift in our lives for twelve wonderful years. 
Blessings to Pumpkin, our precious angel at the Rainbow Bridge. 

Dottie holding Pumpkin

In Memory of Pumpkin
              --one year without you
             29 May 2004
Our beloved Pumpkin,
I remember you through my tears,
So sweet and so loving,
Devoted to us for twelve years.

You brought us so much joy
With your character and charm,
I prayed for your good health and long years,
Protection from pain and harm.

You never wanted to leave,
You tried so hard to stay,
But your illness would stop you,
And number your days.

Your eyes stayed so focused,
Looking deeply into ours to let us know,
That you loved us so much, 
And my tears would overflow.

Through days you were in pain, 
You were stoic, brave, so good,
Keeping it all together,
The best that you could.

Your body faded day-by-day,
Eighteen, then ten, pounds you weighed,
No matter how you looked, 
Your inner beauty stayed.

Your final days, so quiet, solemn,
You still tried to eat,
Chicken, shrimp, and scallops, too,
You were so courageous, so sweet.

Up to your last day with us,
You had a favorite place on the front lawn,
One afternoon together, just me and you,
You caught a mouse—but just for a second or two!

Until your last day—
May 29th, two thousand three,
You told me with your spirit
You would always love me.

We were with you, crying, 
When you journied to the Rainbow Bridge,
You knew it was time to part,
But you would always be with me,
Beloved friend and angel, forever in my heart.

You are now among so many friends
At the Rainbow Bridge,
You are beautiful, healthy, spirited, too!
I know we will reunite one day,
My Pumpkin, how I miss you!

29 May 2004

Pumpkin's brother Oliver has joined him at the Rainbow Bridge
Tuesday, July 01, 2003 6:43 PM
 Oliver Joins Pumpkin At The Rainbow Bridge

It is with great sadness that I tell you of the passing of another of our beloved cats. 
Oliver, who would have celebrated his 16th birthday with us on August 15th, died last night.

In August 1987, a box of four kittens was left at my workplace. I found them when I arrived 
at work, and brought them to my office. We spent most of the day playing with them and found 
homes for all. I took home the tiniest kitten, a beautifully marked British Tabby we named Oliver.
He was a little love, always a very sensitive and emotional kitty. Oliver was the only cat I have 
ever seen shed tears. He just loved Christmas when the gifts were opened and he could romp
in all the wrappings. Christmas will not be the same without Oliver, and we will miss him.

Oliver was diagnosed with an inoperable fibrosarcoma
on his lip. It was so bad he could not eat. We tried to feed him with a tube.
He was withdrawing more and of course missed Pumpkin.

Last night, he suffered some kind of seizure; I had not witnessed anything
like this before. It was traumatic. We rushed to our vet, just 10 minutes
away, but he died while on route. I prayed and prayed that he would have
a peaceful passing, but it was not to be.

We are heartbroken to lose our two cats in one month. It is the first time we
are without a cat in 16 years. It is a different place without them. We are
just numb. I will be back after some time has passed.

Dottie, Pumpkin & Oliver at the Bridge

I need to heal and remember the many good times we shared.
Please say a prayer for us.

Oliver, one of my most favorite books I read as a child,
Oliver, one of the sweetest cats (and you know how cats are wild)
Oliver, precious kitty who fought hard to the end,
Oliver, at the Bridge with Pumpkin.. waiting for the circle to begin again.

Be well our little Oliver Dear,
We keep the love you gave us near..
And when the time comes that our souls once again meet ,
I'll smile at the picture of Dottie, with Oliver at her feet.

© Charls Cain 2003

In Memory of Oliver
                --one year without you
                           30 June 2004
Oliver, the cutest kitty,
A British tabby—black, gray and white,
With that sweet apricot tummy,
I loved you at first sight.

You were left at Centenary College,
With three siblings that October 15th day,
In nineteen eighty-seven—
We could not turn you away.

I cancelled all my meetings
On that lovely fall October day,
We had to find four homes,
And make some time to play!

At first I thought you were a girl,
Were you “Alexis” from the show Dynasty?
No, you were a little boy,
You were “Oliver” in our family.

You were tiny and sassy—our “Little Dude”
You were Maxwell’s best buddy,
We laughed at you, all in good fun,
You could be such a fuddy-duddy!

You favorite time of year
Was the morning of Christmas Day,
In all the colorful wrappings
You would jump and hide and play.

For fifteen years we loved you,
Sal and Lisa, and I,
You were emotional and sensitive,
You shed tears when we saw you cry.

Pumpkin joined our family,
But there was tension between you two,
Until your later years
When age and illness bonded you.

It was a cold, snowy sad day,
Christmas Day, two thousand two,
I worried it was your last Christmas,
But, I would lose both Pumpkin and you.

Through winter two thousand three,
We knew there were no more years,
We loved you, Oliver and Pumpkin,
Each day, a gift stained with tears.

So sadly you left us
That tragic night in June,
Just one month after Pumpkin,
Too much to absorb, too soon.

You were in our lives, fifteen years plus—
Almost six thousand days were ours, 
Now you romp and play at the Rainbow Bridge,
In lovely meadows of beautiful flowers.

We miss you so much, sweet Ollie,
Our Little Dude, our love,
You are now our guardian angel,
Watching over us from above.

30 June 2004

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 Rusty & Ricky have arrived 

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I thought that you might like to know I got here safe and sound
Though you must feel rather strange not having me around;
Of course, I am not really gone, I've just moved out of sight,
And I don't need that old body, things had stopped working right

. Sometimes I'm sorely tempted, to pop back down and see,
Just how you are managing, without any help from me, 
But I'm sure that you will understand I can't come back to stay,
Though I have it on good authority that we'll meet again some day. 

The chow up here's delicious - Ambrosia brand, it's named,
Once you've tasted this stuff, Friskies won't taste the same,
And where do they get this nectar, which thick and creamy comes,
It's not like other dairy products cos it don't give me the runs.

Oh yes - I've got a comfy bed, just like mine down there at home,
So things here are quite adequate, I cannot gripe or groan; 
But while I'm up here waiting, in my cat bed in the sky,
I'll regularly look in on you, and keep a watchful eye.

Author: Unknown 


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