Rainbow Bridge December 18, 2002

Peaches was my Mom's dog. I got her for mom 15 years ago this coming March
and when mom died I took Peaches like I had promised. I will now see to it
that she is buried in a little vault, along with her buddy Sugar, alongside my parents
We're going to have her cremated and put in a small urn, which will be buried by
my folks, who dearly loved her. My Mom's birthday is in March and 15 years
ago this coming March we happened to be in a mall and mom wanted to go look at the 
pets. She absolutely fell in love with the tiniest poodle pup I've ever seen, love at first sight.
I told mom that she should get the puppy if she wanted her so badly but mom said she didn't
have her checkbook or credit card with. Well, I offered my checkbook services or my credit 
card but she wanted to "think about it". I told her if she wanted that pup she better
get it right now before someone else came along and then it was gone....nope, we had to think
about it. This was about 5 days before mom's birthday. I took mom home and then when I got 
home I asked Roger what he thought about getting Peaches for mom's birthday. He
agreed it was a good idea so I called the place. I also pulled a nasty.....told the lady to
NOT tell anyone interested in the pup that I had bought it and explained about my mom. 
Well, it took mom two days before she hauled my dad to the mall to see Peaches.....and there
was this big SOLD sign on the cage. Boy, when mom got back home she called and just
carried on something awful while I said...."well, I told you so, you should have bought her when 
you had the chance." Next day the same thing, moaning about not
getting that pup...and the next....so, I went and got Peaches early.

I brought her home and got a box for her and my son and I called grandma to
see if we could come for a little visit. We stuffed Peaches in the box,
closed the lid and went inside. My mother had absolutely no clue. We told her we brought an
early birthday present but to be very careful opening the box. I will never, as long as I live, 
forget the delight on my mother's face when she opened the box and realized it was Peaches.
I don't think I've ever saw as big a smile on her face in my entire life.

A number of years ago mom expressed concern if she should go before Peaches
and I assured her we would take care of her. Mom would bring Peaches here to make sure
none of our dogs would hurt her and never realized what a little tyrant Peaches was
going to be with Alex and Bingo. She's had a good five years here until the last several months
and Yvonne and I knew she wasn't going to last much longer....it's just still a heartbreak
even if you know it's coming and I've known for several weeks now, actually
longer. There was nothing else to do because she seemed to have had a
stroke about 1 this morning and then she started bleeding a little after 2.
As much as you hate to lose them, and you know all about this, it was best
to let her go peacefully and Jay was good enough to come in.

She better be with my folks if she knows what's good for her, rather than the
other furbabies. She's also going to have to answer to my folks concerning
her eating habits. They tried everything over the years to get her to eat dog food or
something decent. They would cut up bologna and mix it in the dog food to get her
started. Well, the first night she was here she stuck up her nose at the food. The second night 
she ate just a bit and by the third night, with all the buddies eyeing her plate...she ate heartily 
and did so from then on. She has especially enjoyed Alex being diabetic and on home-cooked 
fare because she always got some of it and loved it. Roger and I have always said once she
leaves....she's going to have some answering to do......my mom would be at her wits end 
trying to get Peaches to eat!

Thank you for the nice thoughts and words of comfort. 
Peaches is no longer in any discomfort and
that, in one sense, is a relief for me though I will miss the little thing.


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