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 Rainbow Bridge 

Our Beloved Pablo (5/4/1994 - 5/26/2007)

 Pablo was so unique.  He was such a stubborn boy!  He had a mind of his own in everything he did.  When he was being walked on a leash, he would indicate the way.....there was no other way with him.  He would just resist and wait until you'd give in.  But when it was time to be loving, he'd give you his love with his constant company.  He would cuddle up to you or lie real close to your feet. 

Pablo was first noticed as a real cute, small puppy in a pet shop right near where his family lived.  Maria Teresa noticed him on  a couple of occasions and was all excited about getting him.  Pablo then became the cute neighbor that would come down to play with Alfie and we would call him his "cousin".

 He was so black and had the cute floppy ears.  He had been a little chubby
 at times as an adult dog, but later slimmed down, and was the handsomest 
boy around (well, right along with his cousin....:).  He grew up as a happy 
boy, and was later joined by his little brother Max, a white toy poodle that 
loved him to death.  Pablo was Martha's shadow.  She was his mommy and they
were inseparable.  Where one was, the other one was there also.  Real loyalty.
His cousins Alfie and Domino from downstairs came visiting often, and the four
doggies formed a little furry family and everyone got along real well.  On many
occasions, Pablo and Max would be left at Alfie's and Domino's house for pet care for the day.  And like this, one day after the other, we all grew as part of each other's life.

 When he went to Chile after Martha's retirement from work, he had developed his phobia of fans in motion.  He just could not see a fan moving because he'd start barking up a storm.  All ceiling fans had to be off in his house and where ever he went visiting....he was ever so demanding with that!!....:).  He even made a big deal about a wind contraption I had on my grounds that had a part that worked like a fan.  He'd always make his way to that area and try to stop it in the worst of ways...:).

When we had not seen him for a while, and we went to his house to visit, he would be so happy to see you that he'd be real vocal like a little wolf with auuuuuuuuuuu.....it always made us laugh so.  You'd sit down in the living room, and he'd jump and sit right up against you like he's always been with you, or lately, when he could not easily jump on the couch by himself, lie by your feet to keep you company.

 Pablo, our dearest, cutest, handsome and very special boy, we'll miss you and will always keep you in our hearts and minds.

Your family.

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