Rainbow Bridge

Dear Oscar,
I am writing this memorial so soon, today, because it is important.

My heart continues to hurt. Particularly, at those 6:30's, two times a day: in the morning when you wrapped yourself around me like a blanket at 5:45 and at supper time, when you tore your blankie apart. You loved to eat, my sweet boy. Injection time..., Oscar, do you remember when we thought we couldn't do it? My brave boy. Oscar, do you remember when I picked you up at the airport when you arrived from Winnipeg. Stubborn boy who wouldn't walk on his leash... sweet boy who took my heart.

Oscar, do you remember our talks? During puppyhood, there were no time-outs or you, only for me. Do you remember eating cable wires, my shoes and boots? You were 3 lbs and carrying a size 10 boot.

Oscar, do you remember when I couldn't find you? Oscar, do you remember my couch? From such a small crater, a hole you dug and there you were sleeping.

Hey Oscar, do you remember kissing a "certain someone" who thought he was kissing me? He still gets angry and you know, I still smile.

Oscar, Bubby and Zaidie, they loved you too. Always a bag in hand for you to explore. And, Oscar, do you remember when Freddie barked at you? I know you never forgot. Spine surgery, diabetes and blindness too. Spirited, comical, independent and, stubborn does not justify a description of you. No words will do.

Gentle eyes and gentle soul, my sweet Oscar. Gentle heart. My friend, my constant. From Toronto to Montreal, we went. My companion, my confidant. A poke here and a kiss for me, always there. Joys and celebrations and bravery through weathered storms. My sweet Oscar, you were always there. We grew up together. You taught me responsibility and made sure I did it well. Oscar, my teacher and my friend.

Oscar, I am so sad. My heart hurts. Oscar, my friend, my sweet boy, you gave me gift. Unconditional love. I am sad, yes. I miss you, yes. Would I change anything in the last 14 years, no. Oscar, this is so hard. But.... you sent me an angel named Gloria, who is helping me to remember. Thank you, Oskie, my sweet, brave boy.

Gentle Journey.
Love, Mommy

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