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Diabetes Mellitus in Pets is Treatable and NOT a Death Sentence!
Members are in alphabetical order according to first name of owner.
There are now over a hundred members on the email list.
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Adeline & Kacey
St. Catharines, Ont Read about Kacey and why the phrase Hi Mom means so much to Adeline.

Brenda & Mozart

Toronto, Ontario
Oscar's story with Diabetes Mellitus
 Oscar's Rainbow Page

Danna & Louie
Hampshire, Illinois
 Louie's Story

Dr. Jennifer Fry & Vicki
Dr. Jennifer Fry is a veterinarian at 
Antietam Valley Animal Hospital in Pennsylvania
She owns two cats
Victoria who is a diabetic and Scrungy who is non-diabetic
 About Victoria and Dr. Jennifer and Scrungy
She is a member of the Rainbow Pet Diabetes Email list and answers questions about diabetes and health related issues on this list. 
 Some Questions Answered by Dr. Jen
Dr. Jennifer also puts out a monthly newsletter for the animal hospital that she works for and you can join this newsletter on the Anitietam Valley Animal Hospital website and when time permits all of these letters will be posted to

Jenny & Conan who 
says feed me now
Birthday Jan 16
Costa Mesa, Cal
Jenny is also a diabetic and pumps her insulin. 
As far as I go, I use an insulin Pump with NovoLog insulin and it is much better than the shots. With those, I was chasing the insulin with food. Now, I can eat when and fairly much what I want to. I found the pump to be the more intelligent of choices and fought hard for it. After eighteen years of IDDM, I have no complications of the diabetes at all. 
Ibook, iPod, Cables, PDA, Insulin pump, BG meter.... 
Yeah, I'm ready to go now...... 
Pictures of all of Jenny's Pets coming soon
Read about Conan
Jenny's Homepage

Judy Dick and Queenie
Birthday Aug 4
Leamington, Ont
Queenie was diagnosed with diabetes on April 23, 1995 and I remember how scary that was and I started this website in May of 1997 so other owners would realize they are not alone and that as a group we can give each other support,compassion and caring about all aspects of our lives not just the diabetic part.
I am married to a wonderful man named Terry and we have one son named Dennis and our precious furchild Queenie.
Queenie for almost eight years before going to the Rainbow Bridge on March 3, 2003. Come join our list and share your life with us!
I love making webpages and taking care of my family.
 Queenie's Six Years with Diabetes Mellitus
 Pictures of My Family
 Queenie's Memorial Page 

Kim & Anni
Birthday Nov 7
Sarnia, Ont
Kim is such a wonderful, caring,compassionate lady that always has something to say. She is married to a wonderful man named Don and has the cutest little niece named Keegan. Anni was her pride and joy.
Kim now has two new poms named Mic and Mac
 Anni's Story
 Anni's Memorial Page 

Linda & Crosby & Heidi
Birthday Oct 2
Lafayette, Indiana
I am married to Larry, my best friend and husband. He is a retired Firefighter and now a surveillance officer for our Community Corrections Dept.   We love to fish, go antiquing and being with our two children, Heidi and Crosby.  I also love to read...anything and everything!
 Read about Heidi and Crosby here

Margo & Roger Hupe
Birthday Feb 16
Peotone, Illinois
Married to a wonderful male named Roger.
Pets are Alex(diabetic), Hooper,Bingo and Pickles the newest adoption who can open doors.
Margo has been a diabetic most of her life and always take times to help every person that posts a letter.
Longtime friend of Clyde who has found more axes then her.
She is also president of the historical society and involved with the testing of a new glucose meter that will be designed for animals.
Margo is one of the most caring, helpful ladies that you will ever meet on an email list. She makes everyone feel like family.
Alex's Story
Peaches was originally Margo's Mom's Canine
Read about Peaches
Peaches Rainbow Page

Nancy, Max & Sheba
Cape Coral, Florida
Nancy, Max and Sheba hail from the sunshine state, Florida.
Summary coming soon along with pictures
Max is a 17 lb orange tabby dx  3/98 
and his birthday is on Aug 17, 1988 

 Click here to read Max's story