My Marilyn has her angel wings . . . . 

Rest in Peace Little One!
Rainbow Bridge on June 15 2006 at 11:00 a.m

Angel Marilyn 

We thank our Father in Heaven

For the time spent with you Marilyn

You touched our hearts with your spirit so bright

Your love so true it shines in the night

It lights the way on our life’s path

Leaving a warm glow in the aftermath

The memory of you is a happy one

That puts smiles on our faces as day is done

Your tenderness has filled us with love

Which we know comes from heaven above

Loving you more each an everyday

Brings much happiness our way

Marilyn God Bless

Our Love is forever.

Wed, 21 Jun 2006

We have recently lost our beautiful girl Marilyn. She was diabetic and had a lot go on in her life,
but was so good and never  a whimper . She was diagnosed in January of 2005 with diabetes, 
was blind by April of that year. Then later she had congestive heart disease, her trachea was
being pushed up and she had a hard time breathing ( she was taking insulin, a bronchiladialator, 
and lasix ) . She was doing okay till about a week ago and then she got where her breathing 
and coughing was to much, she was 13 so not to see her suffering we had her put to sleep. It
was the right thing to do. However I miss her so as she was with me every minute of the day.
I am so lost. God Blessed us with this wonderful girl. I was wanting to but a memorial up on 
your site for her, could you help me with this as I don't know how. Am inserting her picture. 
Thank You for your loving support for us who have lost our pets. Love, Phyliss

24 Jun 2006 
My husband Sam and I miss her beautiful presence . Like other people who have pets ,
they become part of you and bring out the best of us, I think that was God's plan along. 
We all need to learn the unconditional love that they all have.  It is great to experience 
the love theygive and to be able to give that love back to them. She was so good about 
taking her insulin andother medicine, our Vet said she was the best dog he has treated,
after she went to sleep he petted her with a tear in his eye. The love she gave to all she 
meet was so incredible. Well I could go on and on but I know you understand what I feel.
I am also sending you a couple more pictures to do as you see fit. 

The one is her next door with our friends pet bird NuNu , she was infatuated with her. 

The other is after her haircut ( as we live in the desert we kept her hair short ) .

She was a Lhasa Apso.  Thank you for all you do , God Bless!   Love, Phyliss & Sam Curtis

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